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Mar 21 2014

Queens Leaders Blast MTA For Poor Communication


in a letter sent to the MTA, Senator Mike Gianaris and several elects voiced the frustration of thousands of commuters.

Are surprise 7 train closures making your commute a nightmare? Have no fear, State Senator Mike Gianaris is keeping up the pressure.

In a letter to the MTA, several Queens elected officials united to voice their opposition to the incessant 7 train closures and demanded that the MTA communicate more effectively with the public to help minimize headaches for thousands of commuters.

Senator Gianaris was the first to put out the press release.

Press Release:


For Immediate Release

Contact: Jacob Tugendrajch jtugend16@gmail.com

Senator Gianaris, Electeds Pen 7 Train Shutdown Letter to MTA

(Long Island City, NY) Following miscommunications between the MTA and Long Island City residents and business owners regarding the agency’s plans to help the neighborhood cope with incessant 7 train closures, Senator Michael Gianaris, Queens Borough President Melinda Katz, Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan and Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer  demanded the MTA communicate openly with community representatives moving forward.

“With this letter we intend to keep the MTA focused on keeping its lines of communication with Long Island City open,” said Senator Gianaris. “We are all struggling with the effects of 7 train closures and now is not the time for the MTA to ignore the concerns of the community. The MTA needs to respond to questions voiced by LIC residents and I will continue to hold its feet to the fire until more progress is made on this issue.”

“The residents and business owners  of Long Island City are experiencing a great deal of inconvenience as a result of the multiple weekend closures of the 7 line and this planned advertising campaign is supposed to help compensate for that inconvenience,” Borough President Katz said. “We have to make sure the MTA does what it takes to make sure this campaign is an effective one. I hope the MTA heeds the community’s concerns and provides the commitments and assurances the community is seeking.”

“The reduction in 7 line service is very unfair and wrong,” said Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan.  “I would urge the MTA and the residents of Long Island City to continue to work out an agreement both on the marketing campaign that was initially promised to the community and additional programs such as a shuttle from the Vernon-Jackson stop. I support the Long Island City Artists, Merchants, Queens Community Board 2, Long Island City Partnership and other community leaders and residents who are advocating for the neighborhood and I am very disappointed that the MTA has not been able to provide a better response.”

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Oct 02 2011

Council Member Peter Koo Disgusted With Flushing LIRR Station

Council Member Peter Koo says Flushing has a “third world train station.” For those of us that have ever been to the Flushing LIRR station, we know exactly what he means.

Downtown Flushing is enjoying the fruits of economic prosperity. Businesses are hiring and people are staying in Flushing, raising families and making improvements to living conditions instead of fleeing for the ‘burbs.  One key to Flushing’s economic success is that here, the new rising tax base is growing alongside a rapidly expanding successful territory. Many construction projects are currently underway to “develop” Flushing.

With growth there’s additional strain on the already crumbling infrastructure. Main Street and Roosevelt Ave is one of busiest intersections in New York City. A huge demand for public transportation leads to crowded lines that stretch around the block. This is normal  for the Q13 and Q 12 stops, the bus I use to access the 7 Line just like thousands of other people from eastern Queens.

I hope that Council Member Koo continues to advocate for the money to rejuvenate and update the transportation options in downtown Flushing.  We need it now more then ever, before the 7 Line is extended to the West Side and millions more people will find it convenient to make their way to Main St. to travel into Manhattan.

Let Flushing grow, support infrastructure development.

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