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Apr 22 2013

Saffran Joins Race For Halloran Seat


Republican candidate Dennis Saffran pictured with former Mayor Rudy Guiliani will file to run for the 19th City Council District this week.

Republican attorney Dennis Saffran announced his intention to run for the 19th City Council District in Queens currently held by Dan Halloran who will be arraigned later this week on federal corruption charges.

In an open letter to the Queens Young Republican Club Saffran wrote, “I’m running again this year for two reasons. First, of course, to restore our communities and to the Republican Party in our area, the tradition of integrity and honesty in government set for many years by Senator Frank Padavan and former Councilman Mike Abel.”

He ran for the same seat in 2001 but lost to Tony Avella by 200 votes with 35,000 ballots cast.

Saffran, 57, is a self-described neo-conservative and former head of the Center For Community Interest – a public interest group that worked to carry out the policies of Rudy Guiliani which focused on quality of life issues and crime prevention including the crackdown on squeegee men and the closure of adult entertainment shops.

During the campaign in 2001, Saffran advocated for Mayoral control of schools as well as dismantling the Board of Education. This year he intends to focus on restoring ethics in the political process as well as public safety issues such as advocating for public safety surveillance cameras despite criticism from the NYCLU “and other far left opponents.”

“Of course it was cameras liked these that allowed the Boston police to track fown the Marathon bomber in four days, and without which they would almost certainly still be at large,” wrote Saffran.

So far Saffran is the only Republican candidate to declare his intentions. A campaign committee will be filed later this week.


See the full missive below:

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 4.44.38 AM


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Apr 18 2013

Shafran PRAISED Shady Senator


Shafran’s acute history of covering up possible criminal activity is mind-boggling.

Major discrepancy between a man’s words and his character.

While Austin Shafran continues his long-shot bid for the 19th CD, it’s important to note he went on record and PRAISED the character of his former boss, Senator Malcolm Smith who was busted just two weeks ago in a federal sting for corruption charges including election rigging.

“Senator Smith’s integrity, compassion, and respect for his office have never been questioned,” according to Shafran whom was quoted in an article which appeared in the New York Times in 2010 where members of Smith’s staff were linked to a suspicious nonprofit group in Queens under federal investigation.

But to Shafran, it was business as usual to try and sweep it all under the rug.

While serving as Smith’s spokesman, he released the foreboding statement defending the shady senator and his colleagues after federal prosecutors launched an investigation into New Direction Local Development Corporation, and another nonprofit related charity meant to provide aid to victims of Hurricane Katrina.

According to the Times, employees on Smith’s payroll were said to have played “major roles in the nonprofit group over several years, according to its tax filings and Web site, and two hold posts that suggest they are or were close to Senator Smith or are deeply involved in his political affairs.”

For the full story click here.


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Apr 02 2013

Shafran Worked For Senator Accused of Election Rigging


Shady work history for mystery candidate.

The 19th Council race just got real interesting.

Austin Shafran has a history of being the grand communicator of corrupt politicians in NYC. First he worked for a corrupt legislature and then for a corrupt Senator as his Press Secretary.

Yesterday, we wrote about Shafran’s role in excuse-making for the corrupt and dysfunctional legislature up in Albany, but what wasn’t discussed is that Shafran also worked as the goto political spinmaster for Senator Malcolm Smith – the same Senator that was arrested in a statewide FBI corruption probe that alleges he attempted to rig the Mayoral election through fraud and bribes early this morning.

If elected as City councilman, Shafran would be entrusted by the public with access to tax payer funds and legislative decision-making authority.




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