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 Queens-Politics is an independent citizens initiative to restore accountability in government and politics.

This is not an echo chamber. Real life analysis, opinion, and content aggregation. Part advocacy organization and part watchdog group where no one is above reproach or suspicion.

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The idea for this site has been building up for a long time.  A few years back, I became a member of the Clinton Democratic Club in Northeast Queens. In the club I learned what politics is all about. I met great people that encouraged my ideas and showed me what true leadership really means. And before that, In my teens, I became a member of the New Visions Democratic Club of Western Queens. Every member of this group is a dear friend, real activists that have shown me what it means to fight for a cause… And win.

I worked my first political race campaigning for my Uncle Sal for President of The St. Kevin’s Youth Guild at the tender age of twelve. I gave  stump speeches and handed out palm-cards after church. The nuns loved me.

State Assembly Member Michael Simanowitz and I on the night of his landslide victory.

Years later, I worked closely with city, state, and national candidates and helped lead them to victory.

NYSAAPAC Endorses Mark Weprin for City Council on the steps of Borough Hall.


Service has been a big part of my life and I don’t allow partisanship to interfere with that.

I’ve helped organize the Bayside-Whitestone Lions International, and many other civic and service organizations. I’m also involved with my alma mater, St. Kevin’s where I volunteer as Registrar and Director of Community Outreach for The St. Kevin’s CYO Youth Guild. I’m also the Marshal for Anchor-Astoria Masonic Lodge #729, the last community service lodge in Queens, NY.

In my professional life, every position I’ve held has been writing intensive. From policy analysis to reporting, so one day I woke up and asked, why not have my own forum?

Speaking to the residents of Northeast Queens in support of now State Assembly Member Ed Braunstein.

The breaking point for this site – when I said now I have to launch –  happened at a birthday party. Steven Stites’s Birthday to be exact. A few weeks before Bob Turner won #NY9, I stumbled on a Brooklyn political blog run by Colin Cambell. I made a confident projection of a Weprin Victory and he tweeted back “he’d eat his shoe” if I was on point.

My Cousin Victor and I with Frank MacKay, National Chairman of the Independence Party.

Sure, he was correct in calling out my projection as overly optimistic, but I went on and we were soon tweeting back and forth. The day after Turner’s victory, I went to Steven’s party and he introduced me to his friend Colin, a politico from Brooklyn. Small world! We struck up a conversation. He gave me some pointers, and well now the site is live. Thanks guys.

Since launching in October, 2011 Queens-Politics became the goto website for insiders, media watchers, the press, and for those with a little bit of curiosity…

Check back often. We update daily, usually.

Can I See More Pictures?

Interviewing NYC Comptroller John Liu, we both look mad, but we’re very good friends.

State Assembly Member Ed Braunstein, me, and State Senator Tony Avella. I’ve worked on both victorious campaigns.

Assemblyman David Weprin, me, and City Councilman Mark Weprin at the Bayside Hills Christmas Tree Lighting.

After interview photos with Queens Boro Prez Helen Marshall celebrating St. Paddy’s Day in Flushing..

Chatting with Miss New York. This was a normal Tuesday for me.

Adam and State Committee Member Matthew Silverstein.

Hands up

Adam and Roberto Perez

Here I amspeaking to the Clinton Democratic Club.

Here I am with fmr. Governor Howard Dean who is also the founder and chairperson of Democracy for America.  We are at a rally downtown.

Me and my City Council Member Dan Halloran on the night of the Charter Signing of the Bayside-Whitestone Lions International.

NYC Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott.

A successful campaign. Notice the blue tie I wore throughout the special election.

City Council Speaker Christie Quinn and me at the Save Engine 306 Rally. Not only was I there reporting, I’m a constituent too.

Clinton Democratic Club President Paul Vallone and me.

I needed at least one picture not of me, so I went with this one. It’s my friend Eugene on Election day voting after we drove 63 people to the polls.

City Councilman Leroy Comrie, me, and City Councilman James Sanders at his unofficial campaign announcement for Senate.

Here I am with Congressman Joe Crawley who is also the Chairman of the Queens County Democrats and evidently much taller than me.

Me and Senator Chuck Schumer marching at the St. Patty's Day Parade NYC.

Me and Senator Chuck Schumer marching at the St. Patty’s Day Parade NYC.


Adam and City Council Member Daniel Dromm & State Assembly Member Fransisco Moya, Western Queens. Danny's run for District Leader was one of my first political races.

Adam and City Council Member Daniel Dromm & State Assembly Member Fransisco Moya, Western Queens. Danny’s run for District Leader was one of my first political races.

Senator Jose Peralta and me at the New Visions Democratic Club. Fuzzy picture but still a classic.

Columnist Dee Richard and I at the Charter Signing Night of the Bayside-Whitestone Lions International.

Senator Mike Gianaris, me, and Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas.

Say cheese.

City Council Member Peter Koo and I at Senator Frank Padavan’s Retirement Party

This is me and my friend Bill de Blasio, Public Advocate of the City of New York at the Thanksgiving meeting of the Clinton Democratic Club. 2010.

City Councilman Peter Vallone, me, and fmr Comptroller and NYC Mayoral Candidate Bill Thompson.

Queens D.A Richard Brown. The toughest guy in town.

Adam and Former Council Speaker Peter Vallone Sr. and Paul Vallone, president of the Bayside-Whitestone Lions Club at the Lions Scholarship award dinner.

Never pass up a chance to speak in public.

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Thanks to Travis Brann who did the graphic design for my site. Email him, he does great work.

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