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Mar 05 2014

Avella Rewarded With Sweet Committee Assignments

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 5.08.43 AMThe upside of betrayal.

After Senator Martin Dilan called for Senator Tony Avella to be excommunicated from the Democratic Party, the lawmaker announced his committee assignments Wednesday, and now we all can see why Tony truly left the Democrats in the dust:

Avella is  now seated on the Banks, Codes, Education, Housing, Construction and Community Development, Insurance, Judiciary, and Transportation Committees.

A quid pro quo? A betrayal of values and campaign promises? Whatever you may call it, Tony Avella is smiling down from Albany.






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Feb 26 2014

IDC Move Leaves Avella Vulnerable to Challengers


Benedict Arnold eat your heart out.

Say it ain’t so Tony, the people are outraged.

Tony Avella was sent to Albany with a clear mandate by the Democratic Party to tow the line yet what he did was disgraceful and self-centered.

The good people of the 11th Senatorial did not vote for Tony Avella just to give the GOP another seat and get another chairmanship; he was sent to do work as a DEMOCRAT, and many people in this community supported him for years, yet now he turned his back on us? That’s disloyalty.

According to a Democratic insider, “The IDC is about 5 senators crying over spilled milk by joining Dean Skelos –it’s about getting more money, more staff and a committee chair – it’s not about people it’s about self-interest.”

Tony’s betrayal will not come without consequences. Much of the Democratic establishment have already turned their eyes to seeking out a challengerThe sudden switch could hurt the efforts by mainstream Dems to reclaim control of the Senate in this year’s election cycle, and no one will just forgive that. However, in this district, Tony has some name recognition and he’s loved by many, that is, the many that can’t look past the cheap headlines. 

Nevertheless, with Tony switching sides, he’s vulnerable now more than ever for a worthy primary challenger to arise — especially when County leaves him hanging in the dust… Or will they?


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