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Sep 09 2014

Hey SJ Tell Your Workers Not to Violate Election Law!


The vote has been compromised.

Ushering votes inside a poll site? Just ask S.J Jung.

This morning at PS 46 in Oakland Gardens, voters were a little shocked to see a person inside the polling station wearing a “Vote for SJ” t-shirt “assisting voters, ” a clear violation of election law.

While we can’t tell if this person was a BOE employee or a Jung campaigner– either way this is clearly a violation, one worse than the other.

And it happened multiple times.

The Jung supporter was clearly walking around the poll site, according to eye witnesses, and “assisting” Korean voters — but more than likely this “assistance” came with encouragement to vote for Jung.

Such blatant acts of electioneering inside poll sites is absolutely abysmal, and poll supervisors are supposed to stop this immediately, but someone wasn’t doing their job.

Clearly, it’s this is an indication of the work Jung would do if elected.

And more than likely when confronted, Jung will seek refuge above the cloud of work his campaign was really doing to get him elected: compromising the vote.


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Sep 05 2014

Avella Caught in Pay to Play Scandal


Talk about pay to play politics.

You have to see the light.

Tony Avella pledges 400K to a Co-op that hand delivered a tacit endorsement letter for his campaign to their shareholders.

Glen Oaks Village is a lovely, quaint little co-op in Queens with a tight-knit community governed and administrated by a Board of Directors and an Executive Board. As a co-op, they aren’t supposed to endorse candidates, but that didn’t stop Glen Oaks Village officials from hand delivering what can only be described as an “endorsement of Tony Avella” letter to ALL residents including all shareholders and tenants.

According to the letter, “The Board believes candidates that strongly support co-op housing and take positions that help Board members work effectively and keep costs down should be supported by voters.” The letter goes on to describe how Tony Avella has advocated for the co-op community and it goes on like this.


You should question the motive behind this letter.

What kind of propaganda mill is Glen Oaks running out there? Are they blazingly ignoring the fact that John Liu did more for co-ops that Tony ever could have with one of his rallies? Or are they being misled by a political insider? As Comptroller, Liu audited property-tax rolls to determine why the values of some co-ops and condos shot up by as much as 147 percent, putting homeowners at risk of huge tax hikes. He never gave up, Liu found the root cause of the problem and advocated for reform. His office actually found flaws in the city’s valuing of properties. “According to the audits, the Finance Department suddenly and drastically upped condo and co-op property values without warning, leading to an uproar over alleged opaque practices. Liu’s audits also accused the DOF of ignoring errors made by a new and allegedly faulty multimillion-dollar computer system. “

That’s more accomplished for co-op owners than Tony Avella ever did. 

But something doesn’t smell right. And that’s because it’s good ol’ fashioned propaganda. The letter goes something to the tune of this: We, the Glen Oaks Village Inc., support candidates that fight for co-ops, Tony Avella fights for co-ops, you should support candidates that support co-ops too.

Well, we got news for you folks, this letter should be written in support of John Liu judging by who’s had a real, tangible impact on resolving tax issues in the co-op community.

Still, it’s very clever and it only cost taxpayers $400,000.

Tony Avella has always belly ached about good government and transparency, but what we have here is pay to play politics, and the scapegoats are the residents of GOV — they are being misled with complete falsehoods. If you listen to this letter, you’ll miss out on voting for the man that actually helped them. Tony’s the real hypocrite, a very smooth charlatan. So what do you say Mr. Avella? Did you buy this letter? We’ll leave the lights on for you.


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Sep 04 2014



S.J. must love Chris Christie.

S.J Jung is a longtime Republican seeking office in SD 16 –a district where he has no roots  or community service because he’s lived in New Jersey.

So what’s the issue? Jung was only registered in NY since 2009, shortly after he moved here from Westwood, New Jersey. In that same year, he ran on the WFP line and lost to Democrat Yen Chou, so that didn’t work out, and rumor had it he moved back to New Jersey until the time was right to move back to NY to try and steal another seat.

Don’t believe us? Check out his buff card below:

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 7.27.34 PM

But wait, it gets better. “Diversity is a virtue,” said Jung, according to his website. “As a member of the State Senate, I will continue to be a bridge-builder who reaches out to and works with diverse communities, while providing unifying leadership that brings people together.”

That’s pretty funny, Jung the “bridge-builder,” because the only bridge you are building is the one back home to New Jersey.

According to his website, “For the last twenty-six years, S.J. Jung has been a passionate advocate for the community (what community?), fighting for policies supporting the most vulnerable New Yorkers, including immigrants and working families, and building bridges with diverse communities to enhance racial and ethnic harmony.”

Twenty-six years? What a load of campaign nonsense! Lifelong residents of the district have never seen or heard from S.J Jung except when he flirts with a run for office or steals credit from the good work of the Minkwon Center .

And what’s this about “ethnic harmony” he’s trying to create? If you read our article yesterday, you’d know that’s simply not true. Jung is supported by an Anti-Semitic coalition that will piggyback their agenda vis-à-vis Jung’s “campaign consultants” directly into legislation.

In New Jersey, we expect to hear about corruption. It’s basically built into the system. They have 566 municipalities, the most per capita of any state. Local governments tax the citizens dry, while preserving the opportunities for graft that flow from operating redundant public services. The state legislature likes it this way and always has.

We have to ask why was this left out of his his bio?

Look, this community is not to be taken advantage of just to become the collateral damage in Jung’s lust for power. Or even worse, resemble New Jersey in any size, shape, or form.

No one here wants to be a pawn in this huge electoral scheme and we aren’t going to remove the only woman representing us in Senate just for some Johnny-come-lately.


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Michael Grimm ‘Selfie’ Parody

From the folks at #FlipNY11

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May 06 2014

A PAC Recharges To Takeout Michael Grimm

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 3.42.49 AM

Expect a lot of Congressman Grimm memes.

A double dose of trouble for Grimm’s reelection campaign is growing in his own backyard.

By now you’ve all heard of the Michael Grimm fiasco: his arrest, the sordid details, etc. etc. But while he still has yet to have his day in court, what you may not have heard of are the faces behind a growing movement to oust Congressman Grimm once and for all.

“He just doesn’t flip-flop, he flounders!” declared Dylan Michael Schwartz, the new Executive Director of Your Vote Counts, a recently reorganized Staten Island-based political action committee working to mobilize voters to “Flip the district” by electing democratic Councilman Domenic Recchia.

The strategy, according to Schwartz, will focus on exposing Grimm’s “utter disrespect for the people of Staten Island.” For example, “To tout like he helped with the Sandy Recovery is abhorrent; he voted against it twice…his own bill….and now the people want to know why he’s holding their lives and future in the air while he’s up in Congress supposed to be helping the people of Brooklyn and Staten Island!”

Utilizing the power of independent expenditures, the PAC will work to “expose Congressman Grimm’s flip-flopping on women’s issues, the environment, and labor,” according to Schwartz. Mediums will include direct mail, print and social media, web casts, even television ads.

Members of the YLA with Dylan Schwartz (center) and Public Advocate Letitia James (center right) at the Democratic Organization of Richmond County's Annual Dinner.

Members of the YLA with Dylan Schwartz (center) and Public Advocate Letitia James (center right) at the Democratic Organization of Richmond County’s Annual Dinner.

Young people are also getting involved, perhaps even for the first time. Motivated by recent headlines, Schwartz spearheaded The Young Leaders Academy, or more precisely, the Democratic Organization of Richmond County’s campaign training program. This unique program attracted the interest of dozens of volunteer high schoolers and college students primarily from Staten Island ready to mobilize their apathetic peers. The curriculum is quite comprehensive; taught by a hodgepodge of veteran operatives and campaign professionals who donate their experience via lectures, webcasts, and grassroots campaigning exercises – all in an effort to raise future leaders equipped with skills in fundraising, community organizing, communications, and legislative action. 

With Grimm winning reelection in 2012 by just 5%, a mobilized youth vote might just be the nail in his coffin.

In addition to renewing the PAC and spearheading the YLA, Schwartz -himself a native Staten Islander- is no stranger to political activism. His pedigree includes organizing campaigns ranging from Florida – where he was named one of the top 10 field organizers for President Obama’s reelection campaign – to NYC serving as Deputy Campaign manager for Peter Vallone Jr’s. bid for Queens Borough President. 

While the PAC has been rather quiet in recent history, Grimm’s racy headlines have been the boost of energy needed to renew interest, said Schwartz, aided in part by a bit on Bill Maher’s Flip-a-District campaign which made national headlines. And while it’s an uphill battle facing a heavily entrenched foe, outreach efforts will give Staten Island and Brooklyn voters – both old and new – food for thought the next time they go to the polls: ranging from alleged campaign finance fraud; to Grimm’s threatening of a reporter with physical violence; to his latest federal fraud and tax charges, he is quite a colorful character with a very colorful history just begging to be lampooned.

The difference this time around, is that the opposition will be raised here at home to tip the balance, said Schwartz. This sentiment seems to be growing and it looks like he won’t be alone as some consider Grimm’s ouster small potatoes on the national scale, even sounding very open to seeing him replaced.

“Mikey is not that important, he is no threat to the power structure, he is a slick talker with a nice resume who seems to be in trouble. he was not on track for greatness as a national leader, not on track to upset the national scene,” wrote State Senator Diane Savino, a member of the Republican led Independent Conference whose district includes parts of Staten Island.

The renewed PAC, will help build on this momentum and at the very least, put some much-needed money behind their message of a worthy alternative.

Stay tuned for the latest.


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Feb 27 2014

Dromm To Senator Diaz: Stop Harassing Me!

stopCouncilman Daniel Dromm said he’d been repeatedly bombarded with ‘anti-gay’ emails from Senator Ruben Diaz. The exchange had apparently gotten out of hand and Senate leaders had to intervene to cool things down.

[From The Wall Street Journal] New York City Councilman Daniel Dromm said in letters to Senate Coalition Co-leaders Jeff Klein and Dean Skelos, and Senate Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, that an email newsletter from Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. was “harassing” him.

Mr. Dromm said Mr. Diaz ignored more than 10 requests to stop sending him the senator’s email newsletter, and is intending to “vex” him with views in the emails that Mr. Dromm said are bigoted against gay people.

The letters were reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

The online correspondence began in 2010, when an aide to Mr. Diaz asked an aide to Mr. Dromm for the councilman’s email address without explanation, Mr. Dromm said.

The councilman, a Queens Democrat, then began receiving the senator’s newsletter, which is sent from Mr. Diaz’s government email address to an undisclosed group of people.

At the time, Mr. Dromm was part of a coalition of city lawmakers lobbying the state Legislature to legalize same-sex marriage. Mr. Diaz, a Bronx Democrat, was one of the most vocal opponents of same-sex marriage.

State Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. said he didn’t want to talk about the emails. Associated Press

It isn’t uncommon for lawmakers to send out regular emails, sharing to-the-point updates on their policy initiatives and whereabouts. Mr. Diaz’s emails are sometimes lengthier missives, in which the senator expounds on topics such as the Bible and personal travails.

A recent email from Mr. Diaz began: “You should know that back in Biblical times, there were two cities, Sodom and Gomorrah.” And it accused Gov. Andrew Cuomo of “religious discrimination” against “practicing Catholics.” The comments came in response to Mr. Cuomo’s radio remarks that “extreme conservatives…have no place in New York.”

A spokeswoman for Mr. Cuomo declined to comment.

In four letters to Senate leaders—the most recent was sent in January—Mr. Dromm said he couldn’t get off the senator’s email listserv and found the contents of the emails “anti-LGBT.”

“If Senator Diaz is refusing to stop sending me hateful messages, I am concerned he is also refusing to remove constituents,” he wrote.

For the full story:

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Feb 20 2014

Councilman Dromm Battles Tea Party Senator Live

ABC’s Diana Williams had no idea she was about to witness an intergovernmental clash of the titans.

Councilman Daniel Dromm (D-Jackson Heights) recently debated Senator Greg Ball (R-Brewster) regarding NYC-based municipal issued ID’s to undocumented persons. Senator Ball, Chair of the Homeland Security Committee doesn’t agree with Dromm’s proposal, at all. What ensued was a clash of ideology from both the left and right extremes — at times degenerating into intangible nonsense and threats. Regardless, both elects stuck to their beliefs and threw a few barbs at each other (Dromm’s is the most memorable at the end, you bum). Still, we’re proud of the Councilman for sticking up for Queens and his constituency. Watch it here.

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Nov 01 2013

Guiliani Says Saffran Deceived Voters

Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

This evening former Mayor Rudy Guiliani launched a robocall informing Republican and undecided voters in District 19 that he did not endorse Dennis Saffran, a GOP candidate for City Council, despite misleading literature from the campaign.

In the call, Guiliani said Saffran is actively deceiving voters by using his quotes and pictures to fake an endorsement.

“It has come to my attention that the Republican candidate has been using my name and image as part of his campaign. I’m calling to set the record straight. This is deceptive,” declared Guiliani.

The call targeted both Republican and undecided voters in the swing district, Queens-Politics has learned.

The former Mayor, who has worked alongside generations of the Vallone family, ended the call with reminding voters “that having the Vallone family in City Council is good for the City of New York”.

Below is a transcript from the robocall:

Hi, this is Rudy Guiliani I’m calling about important information about the race for City Council in your district 19. It has come to my attention that the Republican candidate has been using my name and image as part of his campaign. I’m calling to set the record straight. This is deceptive. I have not endorsed the Republican candidate in this race in 2013 for City Council District 19. He’s running against Paul Vallone and I go way back with the Vallone family. Having worked with Paul’s father for eight years improving our quality of life and seeing Paul’s brother continue his father’s commitment to a safe and prosperous city, I can say with confidence that having the Vallone family in City Council is good for the City of New York. Thank you for your time and I hope you will consider my comments when casting your vote.

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