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Sep 17 2014

Jackson Heights GOP Club Hosts Statewide Candidates

gop-elephant-dl-apTwo Republican candidates, Sheriff Chris Moss for Lt. Governor and John Cahill for Attorney General, will be in Elmhurst this evening mustering up support at the America’s Mayor Republican Club.

Details below:



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Sep 04 2014

Update The State BOE Website NOW

Let’s bring it into the 21st century.

There’s a few things New York can do to improve voter turnout, for starters they could put the primary date and time clearly on their website.

Many of us have become very familiar with the New York State Board of Elections homepage, however if you were viewing the page to find out the election date, you’d be lost because the website is directly out of 1999.

In the Mayoral election, voter turnout hit a record low with only 24% of registered voters casting a ballot. That works out to barely over one million of the 4.3 million registered voters in New York City. If this is our measuring stick for the statewide primaries, turnout will be abysmal. 

So how do we improve the situation? Let’s start with updating the NYSBOE website to at least post the date CLEARLY on their homepage. See for yourself:

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 9.28.45 PM

it’s one step away from a BBS.

Note, the Primary date wasn’t posted until this week. And when it was, it was tossed into an excel column at the bottom of the page.

This website is outdated, boring, and confusing.

To see a better example, check out the city’s BOE website which posts the election date at the top of the homepage, including the time in five different languages.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 9.28.05 PMWe’re not saying that updating a website is going to improve turnout. Same day registration, weekend voting, online voting, there’s a lot that we could do. But honestly, how much money would it cost to redesign the website? Let’s make it a little more visual and interactive. The City did it, why can’t the state?

Sure, we can rely on candidates, NGO’s, and the like, to GOTV, but where is the central hub to connect all voters, to urge and remind them about upcoming elections?

The BOE website is there, that is, if you like to look at artifacts.




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Mar 18 2014

Celebrate Queens 2014

Do you love Queens?

The Queens Fellowship is hosting a night of networking and live entertainment featuring an exposé of local artists at Flushing Town Hall. All proceeds for this event will go to support the One Queens Grant for youth organizations in Queens.

* The Queens Fellowship is a partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, One Nation, and The New York Community Trust. It receives consultation from LaGuardia Community College, COPO and CAUSE-NY, the Intergroup Relations & Community Concerns division of the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York.


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Feb 18 2014

Senior Editor of ‘The National Review’ to Visit NE Queens GOP Club

jaynordlinger:::For Immediate Release:::

February 14, 2014

Contact: Kevin J. Ryan



Northeast Queens Republican Club Welcomes Jay Nordlinger, Senior Editor at National Review

Who: Northeast Queens Republican Club, National Review Editor and Conservative pundit Jay Nordlinger

What: February general meeting

Where: Clearview Golf Course Clubhouse 202-12 Willets Point Boulevard. Queens, New York 11360

When: Wednesday, February 19 at 8pm

Jay Nordlinger, a Senior Editor at the National Review and nationally known political commentator, will be the NEQRC guest speaker at our February meeting. He writes about a variety of subjects, including politics, foreign affairs, and the arts. He is music critic for The New Criterion and City Arts, as well as for NR. For National Review Online, he writes a column called “Impromptus.” He has won awards for his work on human rights, in particular. Some 100 pieces are gathered in Here, There & Everywhere: Collected Writings of Jay Nordlinger. Nordlinger’s most recent book is Peace, They Say: A History of the Nobel Peace Prize, the Most Famous and Controversial Prize in the World. A native Michigander, the author lives in New York.

The Northeast Queens Republican Club was founded in 1894 and continues to be the largest, most active Republican Club in Queens. Our diverse membership includes Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians, Conservative Democrats and voters with no party affiliation. The coverage area extends from Jackson Heights to Littleneck, from the Long Island Sound to south of theGrand Central Parkway. Our membership covers a diverse demographic of young to mature voters and various ethnic groups.

Visit our web site:


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Feb 18 2014

Sign Up For The ACA

OrganizingforactionA letter to the editor from Jonathan Eckman, a Queens-based organizer from OFA, reminding everyone to sign up for the Affordable Care Act.

Dear Editor,


I’m the Chapter Lead of Northeast Queens for Action—the local Northeast Queens chapter of Organizing for Action—and I’m writing because I’m trying to do whatever I can to help get my community enrolled in quality, affordable health insurance.

Over the last several months, I’ve been organizing phone banks, canvasses, letter-writing parties, and other events to get in touch with as many people as possible to make sure that they know where, how, and when to enroll in health insurance, if they don’t already have it.  The Affordable Care Act ensures that people who used to be vulnerable—What if they got sick suddenly and couldn’t afford the treatment? What if they hit a lifetime limit on coverage? What if they had a preexisting condition?—now can be sure that if they get sick at no fault of their own, they’ll be covered.  The ACA ensures that people can get the coverage they deserve at a reasonable cost.

I’m writing to make sure that all of your readers know that to be covered by the end of the year, they need to sign up by March 31st.  If you need to sign up for coverage, please visit or call (855) 355-5777.



Jonathan Eckman

Flushing, New York 11358



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Nov 04 2013

Seniors Expected To Dominate Election

your_vote_counts_button_3The AARP predicts 74% of senior citizens, aged 50+, will be casting a ballot tomorrow in one of the largest voting blocs in NYC.

Press Release: AARP Analysis: Strong Turnout for 50+ Voters as Group is Poised to Dominate NYC Elections

Assoc. Finds 75% of 50+ Voters Say They’ll Hit the Polls – 80% of Members Likely to Vote 

NEW YORK, New York – An AARP analysis flies in the face of predictions of low voter turnout in New York City tomorrow, at least in regards to one group, voters age 50 and older. The voting bloc is a powerhouse in every local, state and national election – and, according to an AARP analysis of New York City voters, tomorrow’s elections will be no different, the predicted numbers, however, may surprise even the most astute of political observers. 

 Based on a recent survey by the Association, over 75% of 50+ voters in New York City say they’re very to extremely likely hit the polls tomorrow. Of AARP’s 743,000 members in New York City, 80% vote in big races, such as those for Mayor – meaning 594,400 indicate they’ll cast their ballots tomorrow.

 “Everyone is pointing to a low turnout across the board; our numbers show the exact opposite for 50+ voters in New York City. There always tends to be some variation between what people say they’ll do on Election Day in a survey, and whether they actually vote – however, one thing is for certain, the 50+ vote and AARP members will be the group that selects the next Mayor, City Council members, Borough Presidents and all other offices on the ballot tomorrow,” said Beth Finkel, State Director for AARP in New York.  “While the 50+ vote is a force on Election Day, AARP members within the group are the uber-voter – we expect to see this in New York City tomorrow.” 

AARP broke 50+ voter turnout down by borough, with the following reporting they are very to extremely likely to vote in the city wide elections:

  • 72% in the Bronx
  • 72% in Brooklyn
  • 84% in Manhattan
  • 74% in Queens
  • 72% in Staten Island 

AARP members by borough and likely voter turnout:

AARP Members by Borough

Anticipated AARP Member Voting Turnout

Bronx: 99,607 79,686
Brooklyn: 182,646 146,116
Manhattan: 187,742 156,194
Queens: 206,127 164,902
Staten Island: 66,400 53,120

“We know the top of mind issues 50+ voters are carrying with them to the polls in New York City are those impacting their kitchen table economies,” added Finkel.

According to recent AARP research, 50+ voters in New York City are very concerned about age discrimination, being able to pay their rent and utility bills, and retirement.

For the first time, AARP has brought its massive voter engagement push to local elections in New York City, working to bring key issues to the attention of the Mayoral and City Council candidates in NYC, holding a series of debates, voter engagement efforts, and grassroots activities. The Association will be holding voter engagement activities across New York City tomorrow.

While AARP does not endorse candidates, have a PAC, or give money to campaigns or political parties, the non-partisan membership organization does provide straight-forward information on the issues to 50-plus voters, the media and the general public.


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Nov 01 2013

How About An Election Weekend? elects rally to move Election Day to the weekend to increase voter turnout.

Press Release:

Rep. Israel, NY State Sen. Avella and NY State Assemblyman Braunstein to Call For Passage of Legislation to Move Election Day to Weekend 

Moving Election Day to a more convenient time would increase voter turnout 

Bayside, NY— On Monday, November 4 at 11 a.m., Congressman Steve Israel (D-Huntington), New York State Senator Tony Avella (D-Bayside) and New York State Assemblyman Ed Braunstein (D-Bayside) will call for immediate passage of legislation to move Election Day from the first Tuesday to the weekend after the first Friday in November, thereby making it more convenient for voters and increasing voter turnout. As seen in our most recent election last November, long lines in many polling places kept voters waiting for more than two hours. Voter turnout in the United States has long lagged behind similar democracies around the world.  Only 57.5 percent of eligible voters actually voted in the United States in the 2012 elections.

Who:              Rep. Steve Israel (D – Huntington), New York State Senator Tony Avella (D-Bayside) and New York State Assemblyman Ed Braunstein (D-Bayside) 

What:            Rep. Israel, New York State Senator Tony Avella and New York State Assemblyman Ed Braunstein to call for passage of legislation to move Election Day to the weekend.

When:           Monday, November 4, 2013 at 11:00 a.m.

Where:          Clearview Senior Center, 208-11 26th Avenue Bayside, NY 11360


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Oct 30 2013

Halloran Defends Against Nanny State Ruling

exterior; outside; buildingDan Halloran was one of the few Councilmembers to defend against this ridiculous bill to make 21 the mandatory age for buying cigarettes.

Press Release:                                                                                                                            OCT 30, 2013

For more information contact: Victor Mimoni  917-282-1934

City Council snubs vets, sets prices

Ignoring pleas to cut young soldiers, sailors and Marines some slack, the New York City Council voted 35 to 10 to make it illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to purchase tobacco products or accessories in the city.

This is nanny-state government gone wild,” said Council Member Dan Halloran (R-Bayside) during his argument against the bills that among other things, make anyone with more than two cartons of cigarettes a “retail dealer.” The old limit was 25 cartons. Under existing law, retail cigarette dealers need a city license and if they don’t have one, they are subject to a minimum $250 fine.

The legislation also establishes a “price floor” for cigarettes and little cigars at $10.50 a pack and allows the city’s Health Commissioner to raise the price based on a number of factors. The bills also prohibit the use of coupons or discounts for cigarette sales.

Despite pleas from across the political spectrum, from avowed libertarian Halloran to former Black Panther Charles Barron warning that city shopkeepers would suffer and minority youths were more vulnerable to police scrutiny, some members voting for the bills claimed were “necessary” or “important.”

Eighteen-year-olds are mature enough to fight and die for their country, mature enough to vote and control their bodies, but my Democrat colleagues are telling them they’re not mature enough to make a decision about smoking,” Halloran said. “We used to worry about a Communist dictatorship. It’s here.”


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Oct 29 2013

OFA To Be In Queens For Hurricane Sandy Remembrance

OFAOrganizing For Action, a nationwide advocacy organization supporting President Obama’s agenda, is holding a Hurricane Sandy Rememberence Event in Averne this evening. The program includes reflections from those who were hit the hardest and discussions on how to  prepare for future disasters. Details below.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM
roslin spigner
Arverne Pilgrim Church (Arverne, NY)

74-16 Beach Channel Drive
Arverne, NY 11692
A Train

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Sep 01 2013

Join Italian-Americans For Joe Lhota In Queens

joelhota.jpg.pagespeed.ce.TShHPh0jf2[From Invite] Join Italian Americans for Joe Lhota in support of our next Mayor this Wednesday evening for great food and conversation about the issues facing our City and our Borough. No, you don’t have to be Italian. Nobody’s perfect!

Details below.





Date: Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Time: 8:15 P.M. – 11 P.M.

Location: Vivaldi Ristorante 201-10 Cross Island Pkwy, Bayside, New York.

Tickets: $250 per person. *The campaign cordially requests that you RSVP and contribute online to qualify Joe Lhota for matching funds.

Contact: Michalle Makarov, 646-678-4796. 

Link: Italian Americans For Joe Lhota PDF Invite



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Aug 22 2013


Logo-1[Press Release] *Assemblyman Francisco Moya and New York City DREAMers hold Town Hall Event with Reshma Saujani* Queens, NY — Immigrant leaders and undocumented young people will launch DREAMers for Reshma tomorrow in support of Reshma Saujani’s campaign for New York City Public Advocate. The event will feature a video introduction from national DREAM activist Jose Antonio Vargas and a Town Hall forum with Assemblyman Francisco, lead sponsor of the New York State Dream Act, to bring together undocumented New Yorkers to share their stories, ask questions, and learn what the next Public Advocate can do to empower immigrant families.

As Deputy Public Advocate, Reshma partnered with the New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC) to create New York’s DREAM Fellowship to help hardworking undocumented immigrant students go to CUNY. The daughter of immigrant refugees, Reshma has been a national leader on the Dream Act and has made supporting DREAMers a key focus of her campaign for Public Advocate.

WHAT: DREAMers for Reshma Town Hall

WHO: Reshma Saujani, Assemblyman Francisco Moya, Cesar Vargas, NYC DREAMers 

WHERE: Jewish Center of Jackson Heights; 3706 77th St, Flushing, NYWHEN: Thursday, August 22, 2-4PM

RSVP: Charlotte Stone; 724-541-4020 

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Aug 21 2013


Democratic Donkey[Press Release] KEW GARDENS HILLS, AUGUST 20, 2013, — Orthodox Jewish community leaders from across the city announced that they will be holding a forum for Democratic candidates for Mayor of New York City.

Jewish New York Government Outreach (JNYGO or “Jaynie-Go”) is sponsoring the event on August 28, at 8:00 PM at the Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills in Queens, 150-05 70th Road, to give the candidates an opportunity to address issues vital to all New Yorkers in general, and especially matters affecting the city’s Orthodox Jewish voters in particular.

The event was planned by a committee of distinguished Jewish community leaders, from those who have held public office, to senior community activists and heads of respected institutions.

Jewish New York Government Outreach is a project uniting diverse Jewish community leaders from across New York City seeking to engage candidates for elected office on the matters of great concern to the city’s Orthodox communities. For further information, contact Yaakov Serle at (917) 549-6145.


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Aug 08 2013

Queens Mayoral Forum



PLACE: North Shore Towers, at Towers on the Green, 272-48 Grand Central Parkway, Floral Park, NY, 11005


MODERATOR: AZI PAYBARAH: Mr. Paybarah is the senior reporter for Capital New York. He has covered New York politics for The New York Observer, WNYC, The New York Sun and the New York Press. He was named one of City Hall’s “40 under 40″ for being a young influential member of New York City politics.



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Aug 01 2013

Thompson Comes To Queens


You can find Mayoral candidate Bill Thompson in the following locations in Queens.


THURSDAY & FRIDAY: As Part of 24 Hour Campaign Tour, Bill Thompson Campaigns in Queens

NEW YORK, NY— As part of a 24 Hour, citywide tour, former City Comptroller Bill Thompson will campaign in Queens on THURSDAY, AUGUST 1 and FRIDAY, AUGUST 2.

Please RSVP to Dani Lever at 917 710 5811.

Queens Stops

WHAT: Campaigns at Roosevelt Avenue Subway Stop with Senator Peralta
WHEN: Thursday, August 1 at 5:00pm

WHERE: Outside Roosevelt Avenue Subway Stop
Queens, NY
WHAT: Hosts Laurelton Meet and Greet with Supporters
WHEN: Thursday, August 1 at 6:30pm

WHERE: Linden Seventh-Day Adventist Church
228-20 137th Avenue
(Next door to PS 156)
Laurelton, NY


WHAT: Speaks at Laurelton Forum
WHEN: Thursday, August 1 at 7:00pm

WHERE: Linden Seventh-Day Adventist Church
228-20 137th Avenue
Laurelton, NY

WHAT: Campaigns with Bridge and Tunnel Workers
WHEN: Thursday, August 1 at 10:30pm
WHERE: Outside of Administration Building

10-55 51st Avenue

Long Island City, NY

WHAT: Meets with Livery Cab Drivers

WHEN: Friday, August 2 at 3:50am
WHERE: 101-09 Northern Boulevard
Corona, NY


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Jul 23 2013

Multicultural Mayoral Town Hall Advisory

aarpSounds like it’s going to be huge.

[Press Release] AARP, Hispanic Federation, Asian American Federation, NAACP, NALEO Teaming Up to Host NYC Mayoral Town Hall on Key Multicultural 50+ Issues 

Univision, WABC, Amsterdam News, SinoTV/WKDM 1380 AM On Board to Ensure Candidates Answer Crucial Voting Bloc’s Pressing Questions 

What: The 50+ vote will account for more than half of all votes cast in the NYC Mayoral elections (about 1/3 of all ballots cast will come from an AARP member), with the multicultural 50+ vote making up 47% of all voters – together, these groups will likely determine the next Mayor. AARP, The Hispanic Federation, Asian American Federation, NAACP & National Association of Latino Elected & Appointed Officials (NALEO), the key groups representing these critical voting blocs are holding the first-of-its-kind 50+ multicultural NYC Mayoral primary election debate on August 6th bringing the powerhouse voting group’s issues front and center for the candidates. Univision is serving as the prime media sponsor, with WABC, Amsterdam News and SinoTV/WKDM 1380 AM serving as media panelists, audience members will also have the chance to ask questions.

When: Tuesday, August 6

            10-Noon (doors open at 9:15 AM)

Where: Hunter College

              Assembly Hall (North Buidling)

 Why:   Set to account for nearly half of all votes cast in the NYC Mayoral elections, multicultural 50+ voters may well determine the candidates who move on to the General Election.  The groups have key issues they are looking for the candidates to address: housing affordability, jobs and the economy, sandwich generation issues such as caring for aging parents and older children, as well as how to make NYC a better place to live, work and age. This will be the first time these groups have come together to press the candidates to tackle crucial issues facing NYC multicultural communities.

Contact: David Irwin 212-407-3718 


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