Mar 01 2014

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The weekend review

Queens PoliticsIt’s been an exciting week on Queens-Politics from Traitor Tony’s latest shenanigans to a classy showdown at City Hall.

Below are links to all the action, not to be missed of course.

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  • Grant Lally, GOP candidate for Steve Israel’s seat, has his FEC fines questioned on video.
  • Stephen Labate, seizing the moment, questioned the integrity of Grant Lally.
  • Photo of the day: T.R stumping in Forest Hills.
  • Esquire magazine prints the definitive political apology.
  • Traitor Tony joins the IDC.
  • Avella won’t have the help of Democrats during reelection.
  • Show down at City Hall, that pretty much sums it up.
  • Senator Diaz is spamming Councilman Daniel Dromm.
  • Grant Lally tweets a bizarre late night tirade.
  • Photo of the day: Bill Clinton at Shea Stadium.
  • Does your Senator ever embarrass you?
  • Avella could be spreading rumors about a Queens transit activist.




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