Mar 26 2014

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Corrupt Ex-Pol Now Doing Time In New York


Originally doing time in Butner, N.C, Brian McLaughlin is now finishing his sentence close to home in Otisville Federal Correction Institute in Orange County, NY.

Welcome to Club Fed.

Brian McLaughlin, the former Assemblyman from Queens that embezzled millions of dollars from unions, taxpayers, even a Little League, was seen walking yet again in the Empire State. No, he wasn’t at an Irish pub, or a City Councilmember’s office; he was seen in Otisville Federal Correctional Institute walking around the track.

According to sources he was wearing sneakers and a track suit.

Over at Otisville, it’s like Club Fed. At this medium security prison in Orange County, just 70 miles from NYC, McLaughlin was likely to dine and scheme with other notable celeb-criminals like “Kenneth Starr, the former financial adviser that pled guilty in 2010 to fraud and money laundering for diverting $33 million of his clients’ money to pay for personal expenses or Walter Forbes, former Chairman of Cendant Corporation convicted in 2007 of conspiracy to commit securities fraud and making false statements for masterminding the largest accounting fraud of the 1990s.”

Gordon Gecko even did his time here. Otisville has a few notable pop culture references; in the remake of Wall Street, Gordon Gecko mentions Otisville as the prison he was released from, George Jung, the drug kingpin and basis for the movie, Blow, also served time at Otisville as well as Monty Brogan, the main character in the 25th Hour played by Edward Norton, who was sentenced to seven years at Otisville FCI.

These skills might come in handy.

Serving a 10-year sentence, McLaughlin, now 62, will be released in 2016 (and so will Kenneth Starr). However, once he’s out he’ll have figure out how to pay 10 percent of his gross earnings to cover the more than $2 million he owes to the victims of his crimes, according to the Post. He’s even had to sell his lavish home in Long Island’s North Shore as well as his wife’s Mercedes to cover ongoing costs.

Luckily McLaughlin’s era in politics is over, and anything he’s had his had hands in has been reborn  and purged from his corruption. McLaughlin didn’t go out with dignity neither, he provided testimony against his colleagues in government, particularly former Assemblyman Tony Seminerio, who died in federal prison.

McLaughlin’s legacy, however, will never recover.


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