Feb 21 2014

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Katz Roasts Library Fat Cat At Budget Hearing


The nerve of this guy.

He runs Queens Library and he makes $391,594 a year.

As if Thomas Galante’s bloated salary isn’t enough to make your head spin, Galante displayed his royal arrogance Thursday at  a budget hearing inside Borough Hall where he repeatedly requesting more funds for Queens library while defending his outrageous $2 million dollar severance package and other perks.

A sense of outrage struck the room and Borough President Melinda Katz wasn’t having any of it on her watch. Read the story for her response.

From The NYDNGalante usually outlines the library’s budget needs during the annual hearing. But he started his presentation addressing the firestorm over his $392,000 salary and compensation.

The News reported that the head of the taxpayer-funded system earns $392,000 plus lavish perks including a sports car and a secret $2 million golden parachute in his contract. Galante also spent nearly $140,000 on renovations to his executive office — including a private smoking deck.

“We’ve been working very hard to address these issues and I do expect that a series of measures will be taken,” Galante told Katz and local lawmakers at the hearing.

“This is a budget hearing,” snapped Deputy Borough President Leroy Comrie. 

When Galante started talking about possible looming budget cuts, Comrie cut him off asking “Do you have a budget request?”

Katz, who demanded the library’s Board of Trustees snip the lines of the secret golden parachute in Galante’s contract, also told him she did not want to engage in a “back and forth” about the issue at the hearing.

Instead, she grilled him about how the library handles capital budget issues and branch renovations.

In his testimony, Galante said the library system wants a “sufficient increase in operating funding” to hire staff and expand service hours.


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