Feb 20 2014

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Councilman Dromm Battles Tea Party Senator Live

ABC’s Diana Williams had no idea she was about to witness an intergovernmental clash of the titans.

Councilman Daniel Dromm (D-Jackson Heights) recently debated Senator Greg Ball (R-Brewster) regarding NYC-based municipal issued ID’s to undocumented persons. Senator Ball, Chair of the Homeland Security Committee doesn’t agree with Dromm’s proposal, at all. What ensued was a clash of ideology from both the left and right extremes — at times degenerating into intangible nonsense and threats. Regardless, both elects stuck to their beliefs and threw a few barbs at each other (Dromm’s is the most memorable at the end, you bum). Still, we’re proud of the Councilman for sticking up for Queens and his constituency. Watch it here.

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