Nov 20 2013

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Grace Meng Robbed In D.C


Congresswoman Grace Meng was robbed and beaten outside of her Washington D.C. apartment, according to the Queens Courier.

Meng, although bruised, downplayed the incident and though suffering from minor cuts and bruises, resumed her daily schedule shortly after a visit to a nearby hospital.

While the attacker fled on foot, the incident raises questions about crime and poverty statistics in our nation’s capitol.

Crimes of desperation?

Poverty is an overwhelming problem in D.C. Some studies, taking into account the high cost of living in the capitol, estimate the poverty level as high as 23% compared to 19% by official statistics. Nonetheless, poverty is currently on the rise in GW’s shadow, meaning nearly 1 in 5 residents living below the poverty line, and Meng’s attack was in no doubt symptomatic of this employment crisis and ever-widening income gap.


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