Nov 04 2013

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Bill de Blasio In Queens Supporting Paul Vallone

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 3.08.24 PMAt a local GOTV rally, NYC Democratic Mayoral candidate, Bill de Blasio was racking up last-minute votes by shaking hands and kissing babies while encouraging the crowd to vote Paul Vallone for CIty Council.

The crowd grew enormous as voters across the district made their way down to show their support and hopefully snag a picture. The event never had a moment of silence as cars passing by tooted their horns in solidarity.

De Blasio’s support was hard-won in this part of town. The one-time Lhota leaning voters became energized the morning after the local GOP candidate, Dennis Saffran, tried to falsely indicate Rudy Guiliani’s endorsement in his literature, and was promptly called out by a rarely made personal robocall by the well-respected former mayor.

The misleading literature quickly backfired, and by many accounts is turning away Saffran’s base vote to his opponent, Paul Vallone, who has always been known for his bipartisan support anyway.

The Mayoral frontrunner spent considerable time in the precious hours leading up to the election chatting with voters at the local Waldbaums in Bay Terrace, energizing the crowd to get out and vote — not just for himself — but for Vallone.

His efforts seemed to have paid off — bolstered by the political naiveté of the local GOP candidate. However, becoming the frontrunner wasn’t easy in this traditional swing district. Eventually, partly due to recent revelations, de Blasio won over the majority of the voting public, which includes Republicans, Independents, and Conservative Democrats with his call for unity. This was clearly evident in the turnout at the GOTV event, yet it remains to be seen until after the polls close and the final results are in.


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