Aug 10 2013

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Why NYC Mayoral Candidate Sal Albanese Won’t Be On Televised Debate

Sal Albanese_0A Note from Sal:

You’ve probably heard that there will be a televised Mayoral debate on Tuesday, and I’m not invited. Many of you have called and emailed asking why. Well, here’s the truth.

ABC 7, the Daily News, and the League of Women Voters have decided to base participation on one thing and one thing only: money. 

Apparently, they think you would rather hear from candidates mired in scandal, whose campaigns have been convicted of crimes, who answer to lobbyists and developers while ignoring average New Yorkers. But you and I know better, and so does The New York Times. 

Today, the Times took the same bold stand that we have taken since day one: big money has no business deciding our next Mayor.

“Shame on the organizers,” they wrote, “for not standing up for Mr. Albanese. If there is room for only five candidates, then drop Mr. Weiner.”

I’ve won bigger battles before, and I plan to do it again. So let’s fight back! Contribute what you can today , then pick up the phone and give the organizers an earful:

Call the Daily News at: 212-239-6073
Call ABC 7 at: 917-260-7160
Call the League of Women Voters at: 212-725-3541

This race isn’t over until you pull that lever on September 10th!


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