Aug 01 2013

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Erik Dilan: Executive Director Of The BOE Or Future Assemblyman?


If I were to advise Dilan, I’d keep my distance from Lopez, I’m not willing to disparage him just because of the association.

Looking beyond the rumors of Erik Dilan seeking the $173,000-a-year job at the Board which has been vacant for nearly three years, sometimes the media is not fair when it wants to link someone to Vito Lopez just for a racy headline.

Underneath this “coverage” is a story yet to be told.

Erik Dilan has always been an independent victor in the City Council fighting leadership, but the news wants to link him to Vito Lopez, and truthfully that’s fair. Dilan has been an ally and supporter of Lopez and Ridgewood-Bushwick.

But anyone who knows Erik Dilan knows he is not owned by anyone especially Vito Lopez. Generally speaking, just because you’re an ally doesnt mean you’re controlled by them. So beside the potential move to the executive director position everyone seems to be gossiping about, this term limited councilman deffinitly has a lot more options at his disposal. Let’s take a look.

Most pols at the end of term limits find themselves with their back against their wall with no where to turn but Dilan is known as a talented and loyal public servant. He’s a formidable candidate: Dilan is a hard worker and a tireless campaigner.

What a lot of folks seem to have overlooked is that Dilan is the leading candidate to fill what many people expect to be an open assembly seat when Assemblyman Rafael Espinal wins the 37th city council district.

But wait, that’s not all. Dilan will also have options in a Thompson or DeBlasio administration as a possible Deputy Mayor – not to mention opportunities for this rising star in the private sector.

But perhaps what was most telling was Mayor Bloombergs desperate attempt to increase his chance of defeating stop and frisk legislation by having Dilan vacate his seat, truth is Eric Ulrich is also rumored to be weighing his options at the Board, but we digress.

A year wiser, a year stronger, Dilan also has a greater chance at beating Congresswoman Nydia Valasquez now more than ever should he throw his hat in the ring.

Needless to say, sky’s the limit for this term limited councilman from Brooklyn.


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