Aug 08 2013

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Reshma Saujani Launches “Up to Us” Campaign to Shift Political Climate from Sex Scandals to Women’s Issues and Candidates

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*After the National Spectacle of Weiner and Spitzer, Women Voters in NYC Reclaim the Conversation and Plan to Be Heard at the Polls*

New York, NY –Reshma Saujani, founder of the national nonprofit Girls Who Code and a Democratic candidate for New York City Public Advocate, today launched Up to Us, a new campaign to empower women voters to shift the political climate and conversation away from the sex scandals that have turned New York City’s summer campaign season into a national spectacle.

Women will be the majority of voters in this election, and they will have a huge impact on deciding who will be the next Mayor, the next Comptroller, the next Public Advocate. Launching today with partners from around the country, Up to Us will call on New Yorkers to vote for candidates who prioritize the needs and concerns of women. Up to Us will also work toward getting all candidates for office to take strong and clear public positions on women’s issues.

“As women, we deserve better, and it’s up to us to change the political climate and conversation, so we are. We’re tapping into and harnessing the palpable interest among many women in elevating the major issues that have been sidelined and ignored lately. Instead of talking about sex scandals, we should be talking about paid parental leave, early childhood education, the gender gap in male-dominated careers, and the feminization of poverty. We plan to move issues affecting women and girls from the margin to the center of the debate,” said Saujani.

Up to Us is launching today with leading women’s groups like Women’s Campaign Fund, and I Am That Girl’s Emily Greener, as well as high-profile women like Sophia Bush who want to change the public debate. Saujani and her partners in Up to Us also posted an online petition at http://www.uptous2013.com asking for the public to get involved in reclaiming the public discussion and voting for candidates who will address the real needs of women and girls.

“Women’s Campaign Fund is proud to support candidates like Reshma Saujani who are fighting to change the male-dominated world of politics,” said Women’s Campaign Fund President/CEO Siobhan “Sam” Bennett. “Whether you’re talking about Anthony Weiner or Eliot Spitzer, there should be zero tolerance in politics for misogyny and the blatant disrespect of women. Today, we join the Up to Us campaign to encourage all women voters in New York City to stand up and make their voices heard. It’s up to us as women to transform the political system and make it better.”

Up to Us will also include a robust social media program that engages voters and women on Twitter with the hashtag #UptoUs and on Facebook with targeted content and status updates.

Up to Us grows out of Saujani’s longstanding commitment to empowering women and girls. She is running for Public Advocate on a progressive platform of leveling the playing field for women and creating better opportunities for all New Yorkers. More information on Reshma’s platform is available here: www.reshmafornewyork.com/pages/working-women.


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