Jul 20 2013

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Queens Politicians Attend Court On Federal Corruption Charges

cuffsHalloran, Tabone, Smith et al. appear in White Plains court on corruption charges. Highlights include Tabone’s request for a separate trial.

[From NY1]

One by one, Smith, Councilman Dan Halloran and former Republican party officials filed into federal court in White Plains on Friday. 

It was their first court appearance since being charged in a massive bribery scheme.

“Justice is going to take a long time to get, but once we get there, I am sure I will be very happy with the outcome,” Halloran said.

They are accused of trying to fix this year’s mayoral ballot, allegedly exchanging thousands of dollars in cash, so-called payoffs for Republican party officials to agree to put Smith, a Democrat, on the GOP line.

They have all pleaded not guilty.

In court on Friday, attorneys for both Smith and Halloran said they will make motions to dismiss some of the charges.

“I think the more we get into the legal issues here, and the facts and circumstances of the case, the more confident we are about the outcome,” said Smith attorney Ross Kramer.

“What they’re charging him with is not covered by the law,” said Halloran attorney Vinoo Varghese.

An attorney for Vincent Tabone, a former vice chair of the Queens Republicans, said he also wants the charges dismissed. If not that, then Tabone wants a separate trial.

Full story: http://manhattan.ny1.com/content/politics/political_news/185813/several-lawmakers-appear-in-court-on-corruption-charges#sthash.G6bslJmZ.dpuf


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