Jul 20 2013

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Salgado Not Invited To Al Sharpton’s Mayoral Candidate’s Sleepover In The Projects

erick-salgado-2013Erick Salgado is a candidate running for Mayor. Now he may not have the name recognition as some of the other contenders, but he’s certainly got the signatures – so he’ll be on the ballot, however for some odd reason he wasn’t invited to tonight’s Mayoral slumber party in the Lincoln Housing Projects hosted by the Rev. Al Sharpton. His statement is below.

“Not being invited to tonight’s mayoral candidates’ sleepover in the Lincoln Houses, hosted by Rev. Sharpton, causes me to wonder, was there a political reason or was my name left off the “guest list” because he knows as a reverend myself I have been working with the residents of New York City’s diverse communities, including its numerous public housing projects, for 24 years? I’m certainly not insulted by not being invited, because the truth is, what will I learn in eight hours under the covers that I haven’t learned in almost a quarter of a century of helping New Yorkers, including public housing tenants? “


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