Jul 17 2013

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Eric Ulrich: The Quintessential class A narcissist (& Fake, Failed & Corrupt Councilmember) Letter to Editor

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I am not the least bit surprised about the recent story regarding the capricious, arbitrary and politically motivated firing of Rolaine Antoine.  Eric Ulrich belongs in a jail cell, right next to Council Speaker Christine Quinn and her demigod, Michael Bloomberg.  All three have flagrantly abused public trust, public service and breaches of honest, ethical leadership that can never redeem themselves.  As a constituent of Ulrich, I have received epic failure regarding my requested help of him to look into an incomplete investigation that the Department of Investigations claimed to have begun two decades ago last month, that his office has total purview to demand accountability.  Likewise, Christine Quinn has even more power to insist upon honest, ethical leadership in city government to answer to a constituent like me.  My New York City pension and retirement accounts have been purged, ambushed and sabotaged by official city and state misconduct (in equal measure by the New York City Transit Authority , and MTA Office of the Inspector General – State of New York, where they ignored obvious corruption and cover up, and contradicted firmly established evidence that they themselves called upon me to produce).

 No matter which agency or official I turn to for help, it’s the same hostile, confrontational reply that clearly enforces a “Delay, deny and hope that you die” stance.  The decades long corruption that continues to entrench city and state government is more insidious and destructive than organized crime.  Likewise, Assemblymen Michael Miller and Michele Titus continue to mistreat me, their former and present constituent like raw sewage, and misbehaving on public payrolls with an arrogance, hostility and dereliction of public duty that is unwavering and unprecedented.  Is this the role of New York government agencies in the 21st century, to behave with lawlessness, selective representation and taxation without representation.  I always believed that any citizen who presents their respective representatives with solid evidence of corruption, cover up, pension fraud, unfair labor practices and any and all levels of official misconduct and abuse of power would be properly heard, followed by a corrective course of action that would demand restitution, back pay, attorney fees, social security contributions and all manner of relief that reestablishes a victim as “whole.”

Not so with Ulrich and his caravan of total corruption, mismanagement, dysfunction, incompetence and deceitful practices that defy accountable leadership (that leads by example).  In fact, the  absolute corruption in Ulrich’s brief political life alone is so egregious and unconscionable, that it demands an investigation that concludes with impeachment from public service—and banished for life.  But, seriously, how likely is that to happen within a borough like Queens County, where the murky waters of cronyism, nepotism, favoritism, corruption, graft, cover up, favoritism and a reckless disregard for law, order and obeying their constituents just keep getting swampier by the minute.  The system is rigged for failure, and Ulrich brazenly (and under delusional cover) believes that he and his henchmen are exalted.

My only hope is for Ms. Antoine to retain a bulldog lawyer (like Joseph Tacopina), and sue Ulrich and the Board of Elections with a cause of action that forces these corrupt and dysfunctional agencies and persons into a new era of accountability, integrity, maturity, self-control and for the very first time throughout the annals of Queens County history, a platform of honest, ethical leadership.  Given the flagrant abuses of power, privilege and ignoring the will of constituents like me, I don’t ever believe that there will be leadership (that was needed two decades ago), to permanently change the way corruption, misconduct and patronage destroys public trust, before the end of my natural life span.  Is anyone listening to the people whom they purportedly represent?  Certainly not any of the intensely incompetent, cradle-to-grave cronies within the corridors of staggering power at Ulrich headquarters!





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