Apr 18 2013

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As Speaker, Christine Quinn Hangs NYPD Out To Dry


NYC: The only city where you can get a pizza delivery faster than a police officer thanks to Christine Quinn, mayoral hopeful.

Quinn has the power to stop cuts to the NYPD that left us vulnerable, but she hasn’t.

In the wake of the tragic events in Boston, we as New Yorkers must ask some tough questions. We must look inward and remind ourselves that the world can be a very dangerous place wrought with uncertainties. No, it is not a subject that should be politicized, but living in the greatest city in the world doesn’t necessarily mean we live in the safest city in the world and with Christine Quinn’s track record of paying lip service to our police force, we could be in for another rude awakening should she become Mayor.

As Council Speaker, Christine Quinn has virtually all control over the budget making process. According to the City Charter, the speaker has the power to turn on the fiscal faucet and turn it off with little oversight, and so far she’s used it to hang the NYPD out to dry.

In the past two years we have witnessed the number of murders rise by 13.6% while rape has increased by 32% in New York City, according to Compstat records. Meanwhile response time to crimes in progress is up 42 seconds, and the overall patrol strength actually decreased this year from 41,000 cops just a decade ago to roughly 34,500 today.

Meanwhile, as the budget cuts decimate the police force, Quinn has chosen to sit on the sidelines and pay nothing but mere lip service by pledging to rescind them.

But actions always speak louder than words. Even though Quinn was part of the budget process that made these cuts in the first place, in theory, with the snap of her fingers, the cuts can simply vanish. The Speaker of the City Council has that power, but she hasn’t done so and it’s not likely she will. Her predecessors have done it and rescued the city in the process. So how do we explain her lax approach to public safety? Or is our public safety just about getting elected?

Are we safe with Quinn in charge? There’s a lot to be uncertain about.


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