Apr 18 2013

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Ulrich Swindled Cash To Buy Support


12155-s-pa-governor-ulrich-300x200Seniors beware! Councilman Ulrich funneled donations to a senior center to lure political support from a District Leader in charge of the operation.

Times Ledger: In 2011, Ulrich gave $5,000 to the Forest Park Senior Center run by Donna Caltabiano, a district leader in state Assemblyman Michael Miller’s (D-Woodhaven) district. But that number jumped to $55,000 in 2012 and 2013.

District leaders vote to endorse candidates and elect party leaders.

Ulrich insisted that the donation had nothing to do with politics, but rather the senior center does not get state or federal grants and instead relies on discretionary funding. State dollars had dried up in 2010 and the borough president cut her funding a year later, which is why he made up the difference, the councilman said.

[Yea right]

“I had to keep it open. It came down to me and the borough president,” Ulrich said, pointing out that Caltabiano had never voted to elect anyone from Ulrich’s faction to party leadership positions as a district leader.

Council members get a set dollar amount to fund projects for the aging. In 2013, it was about $108,000. The senior center received the most cash out of those in Ulrich’s district, with most centers getting $5,000.

For Caltabiano, the money was a vital resource, since her center gets limited funding, and she defended Ulrich’s reputation as an upstanding councilman..

She said she had never voted for anyone from Ulrich’s faction but was not fond of the opposing side either.

For full story: http://www.timesledger.com/stories/2013/16/gopfighting_all_2013_04_19_q.html


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