Apr 02 2013

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The Public Trust Has Been Violated

Dan Halloran seen here clearing the debris from Hurricane Sandy.

Dan Halloran seen here clearing debris from Hurricane Sandy.

A day that will go down in political infamy.

When we lead the nation in political corruption it’s time for an overhaul of the political system.

Where does the corruption STOP? When will the interests of the people come FIRST? Espada, Monserratte, McLoughlin, Huntley, Spitzer, Haggerty, Ognibene, Kruger, Lipsky, Bruno, Seabrook, Meeks, Lopez, Meng, and now Halloran, Tabone, Smith, and Savino?

We all trusted many of our elects, whether the constituents of the Bronx with Espada, residents of Corona that supported Hiram, or those who voted for Shirley Huntley, or in South Queens with Malcolm Smith and Dan Halloran in the North.

While not all the facts are in, it’s a sad day in Queens County when two of your esteemed elects are under arrest for crimes against the public.

Shockingly this is not what one would think of Dan Halloran. Say what you want about the colorful legislator, no one has worked harder than Dan to support the constituents, to be a consistent presence in the neighborhood, to be just a phone call away from anyone that needed help.

I guess it’s true, money greases the wheel in politics.


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