Mar 23 2013

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In response to calling Graziano out on his plans to host an event in a public park without a permit, the campaign is now actually claiming that “In Bowne Park,” as it appears on their flyer, means “on the sidewalk,” according to Christina Wilkinson who designed the flyer which included the address near the entrance to the park. So now the public and the press will assemble on the sidewalk. She also said Graziano is on the radio talking smack about me but she declined to mention the station as of this posting, even though I was willing to phone in and call their bluff.

Furthermore, Wilkinson also tried to downplay the misleading flyer by stating “In Bowne Park” means in the neighborhood of Bowne Park, like saying in Flushing, or in Bayside. Anyone who lives in that section of Queens will never say “I live IN Bowne Park”, but  instead, by Bowne Park as a landmark, unless they were in fact living in a cardboard box inside the park.

I can’t help but think if an objection wasn’t raised, how many people would be illegally loitering inside Bowne park on Saturday. And this is especially egregious when other organizations legitimately applied and received a permit for the space.

Why is this a BIG deal? Because he’s a candidate for public office where integrity and accountability for your actions matter most.

As a voter you shouldn’t allow any candidate to get away with this because corruption is a slippery slope. If one law is circumvented, what’s next?


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