Mar 14 2013

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Senator Avella: Worst Thing To Happen To Queens Since Donald Manes

TwotimintonyWake up voters! Tony is trying to pull the wool over our eyes yet again.

Remember when disgraced Borough President Donald Manes embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from Queens taxpayers then committed a gruesome suicide? Well we’re looking at round 2 when career politician Tony Avella picks up where he left off.

We already know Tony has been playing power broker with his dubious political maneuvers. We know his disrespect for colleagues has cost the district hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost funding, we know he pals around with the likes of radical white-hater Charles Barron, Asian-bashing racist Sonny Carson, and disgraced former Assemblyman Brian McLoughlin, and we know he’s connected to not one but two contaminated sights in Whitestone and College Point.

Barring the receipt of a gift basket filled with cash, what more evidence do you need? He’s waged war against young activists, isolated himself from his colleagues, and he’s been misspending time and taxpayer resources trying to save pigs and on other “pet” legislation that really doesn’t help anyone other than to further his own political agenda.

Don’t let the entire borough suffer the same neglect and political malfeasance Tony Avella has cast on northeast Queens.


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