Mar 18 2013

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Abortion Czar Could Weaken Quinn’s Campaign For Mayor

irish flagIrish eyes are not smiling on Christine Quinn.

Last week, as we celebrated St. Patrick and Irish American Catholic culture, it is interesting to note how each of the candidates for public office often go to St. Patrick’s Day parties and march in St. Patrick’s Day parades, but one candidate stood out from the festive celebration and not in any honorable way. Mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn strutted into the McManus Democratic Club pre-parade breakfast like she was the Belle of the Ball but her welcome was not exactly, well, welcomed – even the most Progressive of Irish American New Yorkers knew she did not belong there. A partygoer remarked, “I just threw up my Guiness.”

Whether you love or hate the Long Island native turned Manhattan-elite, Ms. Quinn, we don’t really know who she is, but if you want to know her, and understand her agenda, we must take a look at whom insiders in the pro-life movement claim Christine Quinn’s spiritual godmother is: none other than the notorious Merle Hoffman.

Scratch the surface of Quinn the lawmaker, and her campaign announcement reveals more about her character than she may have intended. She chose to shoot the video in front of a church where she claimed her parents were married. She also told the public in one of her first sentences that her mother was an employee of Catholic charities. That’s all fine rhetoric, but in what turned out to be a failed attempt at trying to connect with the Catholic vote in NYC, she bragged about her clinic access program which was the brainchild of Christine Quinn’s mentor and spiritual consultant Merle Hoffman.

As a de facto abortion czar of NYC, Hoffman’s radical philosophy has moved Quinn in such a way that she has clearly influenced her public policies.

Hoffman is the founder of Choices Women’s Center in Long Island City, and is known as an entrepreneur in abortion services. Her clinics have killed more babies than probably any other clinics in the United States. ‘You know how many women have had abortions?’ Hoffman asks. “Abortion is as American as apple pie.”

Hoffman pictured here with Quinn.

Hoffman pictured here with Speaker Quinn.

Hoffman recently opened up a clinic at Jamaica hospital where she promised 10,000 abortions a year, provided in part by what she calls the “down-south-surge” or the influx of patients she says will come from states with more limits on abortion laws. Her organization has been stirring up trouble even before the landmark Roe V. Wade. Most recently, when Catholic Nuns and pro-life pastors (most of whom are Irish, Hispanic, and African-American) decided to hold peaceful prayer vigils outside the Jamaica facility, Hoffman reached out to her spiritual protégé Christine Quinn and they both decided it would be a good opportunity to make headlines. While Hoffman is not known to pray, it is rumored she is often praying for violence against her clinics because it would be a feather in her cap to be able to have an Irish-American nun arrested. But when there was no violence, they decided to fabricate it in order to seek attention. Merle Hoffman unjustly dubbed them, “The American Taliban,” a reference that even Quinn later rebuked. In reality it was a small group of Irish-American nuns and African-American and Hispanic pastors who would hold innocent prayer vigils outside of Choices. The news, however, left that fact out.

Hoffman made millions in the abortion industry and it has come with a fair share of bashing from both sides, including feminists whom have often criticized her for using the pro-choice movement to become one of the richest individuals in New York.  But it’s her influence she holds over Quinn that is quite concerning. Hoffman was one of the main spiritual advisors that pushed Quinn into supporting a law that was intended to destroy pregnancy centers (she said it was a milestone of her career). These centers offer alternatives to abortion, but Hoffman made her millions off the fees associated with abortions (they aren’t free). The Pregnancy Centers proved to be quite the financial risk to her abortion mill. Quinn and Hoffman also proposed funding “escorts” to accompany women to abortion centers to protect them from the elderly clergy and spiritually motivated peaceful protestors with taxpayer money in what was dubbed the Clinic Protection Project.

Hoffman proposed a sick twist in the abortion debate that sent a shockwave across both sides of the aisle. She framed abortion not as a religious issue but as an act of love. “I was fighting to reclaim abortion as a mother’s act,” she wrote in her autobiographical novel Intimate Wars. According to Hoffman, these women were making “a decision so vital it was worth stopping the heart.”

Furthering her radical beliefs, she created uproar in pro-choice and pro-rights communities when she said that abortions are murder.

But the pain and regret women often feel after an abortion is ignored by Hoffman’s teaching. From depression, nightmares, or just the feeling of losing someone in their life, none of these indications are evidence that abortion was an act of love to the women who aborted. Hoffman didn’t seem to care. “I wasn’t immune to the physicality of abortion, the blood, the tissue, and observable body parts. My political and moral judgments on the nature of abortion evolved throughout the years, but I quickly came to realize that those who deliver abortion services have not only the power to give women control of their bodies and lives but also the power and responsibility of taking life in order to do that.”

Her beliefs are so twisted and perverse that she actually claimed that abortion is an act of love for one’s family and for one’s child.

Do we really want a mayor who has taken spiritual and moral advice from Merle Hoffman? Every other candidate, Republican and Democrat, support Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose, however no other candidate is known to have such a hostile adversity to motherhood and to babies and no other candidate has ever conspired with Hoffman to try to destroy freedom of religious speech and clinics that offer alternatives to abortion.

It is a shame that the Italian-American Catholics such as Dominick Recchia will collaborate with Quinn and not hold her accountable for what many people call, at best, unethical conduct, and at worst, demoniacal conduct — just to gain some political capital. Recchia does not even realize that his campaign for U.S Congress has been jeopardized because of his failure to stand up to Quinn but rather in a stunning reversal acting as a team in collaboration as she attacks the values of his conservative Irish-American and Italian-American constituents.

The next time Christine Quinn is at a St. Patrick’s Day parade or is doing a fake press conference purposefully in front of a church, let’s not forget as Catholic voters that she is the most anti-life and worst Christian persecutors the city has ever seen. It is so bad that Devout Catholics and Prominent Irish Americans have an ‘anyone but Quinn mentality’. Will the critical Irish-American communities in the primary including Bay Ridge, Rockaway, Woodlawn, and Glendale express at the polls that Christine Quinn by the nature of her attacks on the pregnancy centers is probably the most anti-Irish Catholic candidate in NYC history? Saint Patrick chased the snakes out of Ireland lets hope the religious community votes her out of City Hall forever.


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