Mar 01 2013

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Man sought help from Avella; denied then threatened with arrest

A letter from Richard Iritano.




No statements could be truer than what QUEENS-POLITICS had to say about former City Councilman Tony Avella.  I contacted him when he was a councilman that served Bayside, Queens, regarding an incomplete investigation that was launched by the New York City Department of Investigations in May, 1993.  At my strenuous request, Avella wrote a two-page letter to Commissioner Rose Gill Hearn, dated November 13, 2006 that in part states, “Therefore, it seems only appropriate that DOI investigate this matter beyond the mere deferral to the MTA Inspector General’s Office, despite its ‘independent oversight’ status.”

My letter was completely ignored by Commissioner Gill Hearn, and no further action was taken by Tony Avella and his abusive henchmen, when I attempted to contact them repeatedly for their follow up.  At one point in December, 2006, Mr.Avella’s former chief of staff argued that if I make a personal visit to the Bayside office, he would arrange to have me arrested.  Imagine that:  I, the victim of pension fraud, cover up, MTA lies and conspiracy would now be considered by the staff of Tony Avella for possible arrest!  That is what Third World dictators to enforce an abrogation of freedom of speech that leads to full blown Communism—right here in America.  Furthermore, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his pudgy puppet, Council Speaker Christine Quinn have ignored my rightful requests for a completed investigation by the DOI for more than a decade.  Whatever this debacle could be classified as, it is distinctively not democracy by WE, THE PEOPLE.  With the Bloomberg and Quinn administrations of false, fake and failed leadership that doesn’t lead by example, we have a side-by-side monarchy dictatorship.  With the City Council, and sycophants like the recently defeated and ephemeral Eric Ulrich (of whom I am an invisible constituent), we have totalitarianism (that my Assemblyman Michael Miller reinforces by his utter failure to challenge, probe and show leadership at any and all levels).  Finally, all New York voters continue to be involuntarily subjugated by a government-sanctioned Caste System (modeled after India’s system of indentured servitude for life), as elitist, cradle-to-grave politicians fail to govern with absolute impugnity—and the public be damned (like me).

Alas, corruption, cover up, kickbacks, payoffs, graft, dishonesty, dishonor, disloyalty, depravity, dereliction of duty and dysfunction will continue to rise at the bottom as long as WE, THE PEOPLE (we, the government), allow systemic corruption, power, privilege and unjust enrichment to prevail at top levels of city and state management.  I am still waiting for anybody in Queens County to challenge the epic corruption, dishonesty and cover up that no single person or entity has ever challenged, with regard to by total body of evidence that has prevailed for my plea for city job reinstatement and pension restoration that would finally make me “whole” again.  Given that Tony Avella invested his time in writing a letter back in November, 2006  that questions the many nebulous and dehumanizing practices that continue to flourish in the present day at the New York City DOI and MTA Office of the Inspector General (who, collectively have misbehaved like unresponsive tyrants with no agency from above to challenge their utter dysfunction), I have long ago lost my illusion with honest, ethical leadership that stands by their constituency until a matter is thoroughly resolved.  Meanwhile, I continue to languish under deeper levels of beggary, obscurity and disbelief–that any public servant who swore to uphold an oath of office could be so defiant, capricious and arbitrary—and ignore someone like me with an indisputable case for reinstatement—but continues to preserve their own counterfeit stations in life at the expense of their constituency.

Will anyone listen for an honest, completed investigation to take form?





Ozone Park, New York   11417-2316

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