Mar 01 2013

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Famed Russian Language Radio Station Celebrates Eighth Anniversary


davidzonradio_logoIf you’re a political candidate targeting russian-speakers, then Davidzon Radio is the ultimate medium to reach your audience whether in Queens or anywhere else in the tri-state area.

Congratulation to the Brooklyn-based radio station on its eighth anniversary.


[Press Release] America’s Largest Russian Language Radio Station Continues to Grow

Davidzon Radio 620 AM, America’s largest Russian language radio station, celebrated its eighth anniversary today.  The station marked this milestone with its founder and owner, Gregory Davidzon, devoting his weekly hour-long, Thursday afternoon show to reminiscing with station hosts.  Its broadcast schedule is filled with talk, music, entertainment, celebrity appearances, local, national & international news and on-air contests that can include as many as 10,000 participants at one time.  The station reaches 250,000 listeners daily.

“In less than a decade Davidzon Radio has become the must-listen-to Russian language radio station in the tri-state area and beyond.  We pride ourselves on providing our listeners with the information they need to know here in the United States, the entertainment shows they enjoy and, perhaps most importantly,  programming that offers news, commentary and personalities from the former Soviet Union,”  Davidzon said.

Davidzon Radio prides itself on original programming with exclusive broadcasts from such diverse locations as Washington, DC, Philadelphia,  Boston, San Diego, Chicago, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Israel, Canada and various European locations.

“While my staff, both on-air and behind-the-scenes, worked hard to create vibrant, meaningful programming on a daily basis, I have to also thank our tens of thousands of loyal listeners who call our shows, participate in our on-air contests and shop with our advertisers,” Davidzon stated.

In addition to the tri-state area, Davidzon Radio broadcasts to Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, as well as globally on the internet. 


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