Feb 14 2013

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Yankees President Disgraces Pinstripes with Political Donations To Quinn


How can anyone vote for that nut?

Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio? The Yankee Clipper must be rolling in his grave as Randy Levine bankrolls Christine Quinn’s bid for Mayor.

Baseball is the last bastion of purity, a place where we take our children and now the President of the Yankees is supporting Christine Quinn’s agenda? Well folks, it certainly looks like it. Last month, Levine dumped $4,950 into Quinn’s war chest and there’s no way to quantify how much bundling for Quinn he’s really responsible for.

The Yanks have always stood up for what’s good and right in the world throughout their history. The Babe loved children and Christie Quinn is giving them Morning-after pills? Talk about striking out, I bet those conservative fans that travel from Westchester and Connecticut will become outraged to hear their money is vicariously supporting such a person. If Billy Martin was around and he heard Randy Levine was supporting Quinn you can bet he would be kicking dirt.

But Levine is no stranger to playing politics while heading the Yanks ball club. In 2008, he served as a bundler for presidential candidate John McCain and in September 2012, he donated $17,500 to the Republican National Committee. He’s also made multiple contributions to Mitt Romney including a $2500 donation made last September as well as donations to other political candidates. Oddly enough the occupation field alternates between The New York Yankees and Akin Gimp Strauss Flowerfield, the NYC based law firm where Levine is partner.

But this time fans won’t be cheering when they hear that their beloved team is being used as a pawn in an elaborate scheme to support Christine Quinn. In baseball you’re supposed to learn about teamwork, but Quinn is a dictator. In baseball you get kicked out for cheating, but now the Yankees are promoting someone who has never come clean with her slush fund scandal. In baseball you’re supposed to play fair, but she puts the hammer on City Council members that don’t follow her agenda. In baseball you have to stand up at the plate, but Quinn has never stood up for Queens. In baseball you don’t get to change the rules if you don’t like them, but Quinn overturned term limits.

So why would the President of the New York Yankees Ball Club bankroll such a person?

When she’s going after free speech and pregnancy centers, can you imagine Mickey Mantle or Lou Gehrig supporting such anti-American behavior or Donny Baseball not being outraged by such conduct? Levine made a very poor choice and we’re hoping the Steinbrenner family reconsiders.

And what about The Yankee Clipper? Joe DiMaggio – who famously thanked the good Lord for making him a Yankee – and loved Marilyn Monroe so much he would send a dozen roses to her grave until the day he died? Joe would be outraged to hear his beloved Yankees involved in supporting such a nasty power-hungry Christian-basher.

Joe, there’s nothing fun about the owner of your team playing a dangerous game of supporting Quinn’s immoral and corrupt public policies. We need a hit Joe, we need a home run for baseball, and Christine Quinn is not it. Fans beware.


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