Feb 21 2013

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Jimmy Oddo’s ‘Revolution’ Blows Up In His Face

GOP_Elephant_upside-downAs you may know Councilman Jimmy Oddo led the charge to replace the BOE commissioners. But poor Jimmy, he may not have known any better.

Questions remain like, who’s pawn is he?

Councilman Jimmy Oddo (R-Staten Island) supports the same people who a year and a half ago were rebuked by the judge for trying to set up a fraudulent meeting, that same batch of people pretended to have a meeting, and now since they cant muster the votes for a legit election of leadership of the party, they’ve managed to trick the chairmanship while Jimmy stomps around preaching about ‘reform’ over at the BOE.

No one expected them to be that deceitful, but the judge will decide in the end.

It’s a pattern of deceiving voters and trickery like whom Eric Ulrich associates with. Basically fraudsters. Judy Stupp, her failing was that she was too trusting, way too much integrity. Even most democratic commissioners, are like, this is a scam.  It’s supposed to be the party’s pick. The party is supposed to select. The section of law is meant to protect the minority party, if all else fails – not to steal the party’s perogative.

Jimmy Oddo, why involve himself in these shenanigans and become a hypocrite? He said he would approve DOI investigation of Michael Michel (who previously served as a campaign aide to Councilman Ulrich) but didn’t. There’s no way he could be approved anyway. Michel has such a speckled past, there’s just no way. If going before the council the speaker requires full DOI clearance, which Judy had, but Michel didn’t because it went through the caucus.

We think it’s overreach and the judge will decide who’s right. They should shit can their filing before it’s too late for the distinguished gentleman from Staten Island.


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