Feb 05 2013

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Halloran Cheers Redistricting Proposal

Dan HalloranIt won’t be long before the NYC Council will have to vote on a new set of district lines in which Councilman Dan Halloran applauds yet still has some reservations.

“This plan is not perfect,” Halloran said. “There are still low-density homes in North Flushing that are not in the 19th District. We may have lost some small battles, but we won the bigger war, and our communities are better for it. I thank the Commission for listening to the people, as well as Council Members Koo and Weprin for advocating effective representation in our districts.”

The Commission’s latest proposal includes the remaining few blocks of Whitestone into District 19, as well as most of North Flushing and Auburndale.

If finalized, the proposal will give Dan Halloran a leg up in his bid for reelection as the Broadway-Flushing section is long known to be a strong pocket of GOP solidarity.

“Additionally, the proposal reunites Mitchell Linden in the 20th District, where it has historically been, and ends the division of Bayside Hills between the 19th and 23rd Council Districts,” according to the press release.

The Districting Commission will vote on Wednesday evening (Feb. 6th) whether or not to send these maps to the Council for final approval. If approved, the maps will take effect for the upcoming City elections in November.


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