Jan 20 2013

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Pedigree of a tweeder


Queens Crap, Melinda’s Impressive Resume

From DNA Info,

In the Assembly, she served as chairwoman of the subcommittee on urban health and fought against the privatization of public hospitals, she said. She was also responsible for a bill increasing penalties for domestic abuse.

Later, she went to work for Shulman, the borough president at the time, as a director of community boards, attending meetings around the borough and keeping the president informed about communities’ concerns.

In 2002, she was elected to the New York City Council.

As chairwoman of the land-use committee, she negotiated various down zonings in Queens and supported new developments, including Willets Point and Hunters Point.

Her tenure on the City Council won her a recent endorsement from former Mayor Ed Koch.
Katz “is the one candidate in the race that raises the level of conversation about balancing economic development with the community in Queens,” Koch said in a statement.

After she lost the Democratic primary for New York City comptroller in 2009, Katz went to work for a law firm, Greenberg Traurig, specializing in land-use issues and government relations.

Deputy Borough President under Shulman, promoted overdevelopment and eminent domain for private interests while chair of land use for the City Council, endorsement from Koch, and most recently worked for a lobbying firm. I can’t think of anyone more qualified to be borough president. Can you?


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