Jan 06 2013

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Senator’s Tirade For Calling Him Out On Dirty Money Scandal

Yesterday I was volunteering at a community event at Flushing Hospital where I saw Senator Avella who stopped by for the photo-op. At first he ignored me, which was fine, but when he cornered me in the hallway that’s when things got ugly.

What Tony doesn’t seem to realize is that I’m incredibly offended that he took money from entities that have dumped tons of waste in Whitestone, and as of this date he has not returned the tainted funds. When I asked if he returned them, that’s when he went ballistic. In his outburst, Senator Avella accused me of not being fair and balanced, but what he doesn’t seem to understand is that it’s not our job to bow down and kiss the asses of all elected officials. Then he accused my work of being obnoxious and tried to harangue me for not disclosing the fact that I pick and choose whom I support for elected office. Tony, I said, it’s written clear as day on the blog if you bothered to look.  He mumbled that it should be more pronounced, a moot point considering there’s an entire page describing my political column and editorial stance.

Fair and balanced? He must be kidding. Go read the Post, the Times, and then watch Fox, CNN, or read the local papers that sell coverage for ad space, you know, because they are fair and balanced.


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