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Jan 30 2013

New Coalition to Rally in Opposition to Casino Proposal



A new coalition has come together to denounce plans for a casino in Willets Point, Queens.

A rally will take place on February 6th and everyone is encouraged to attend.

Details including commentary from local civic leaders can be found below in the press release.



What: Members of “Don’t Gamble on our Community” coalition will officially announce their group’s formation focusing its efforts on specifically preventing a casino from opening at Willets Point for both economic and moral reasons. 

Who: Community, civic and government leaders.

When: Wednesday, February 6, 2013at 11:00 AM,

Where: RAICES Corona Senior Center located at 107-24 Corona Avenue, Corona, NY 11368.

“Don’t gamble on our Community” coalition draws diverse elements

On Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at 11:00 AM, the members of “Don’t Gamble on our Community” coalition will officially announce their group’s formation at the RAICES Corona Senior Center located at 107-24 Corona Avenue, Corona, NY 11368. The group, consisting of community, civic and government leaders is focusing its efforts on specifically preventing a casino from opening at Willets Point for both economic and moral reasons.

Michael Olmeda, the group’s convener, said,

A casino in Willets Point makes no economic sense. It will not draw tourist dollars in any significant amount. Instead, it will suck up local dollars that might otherwise be spent at existing recreational facilities, and it will impoverish some of our citizens in the process.”

Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras, who represents Willets Point, remarks

“It is unprecedented to convert part of an existing economic development project that provides affordable housing and retail jobs for the purpose of building a casino which would obviously affect the social fabric of our community.”

Councilman Peter Koo who represents the neighboring Flushing community states,

“Shutting the public out of a decision of this magnitude, denying residents an opportunity to have input or even offer comment in any sort of formal proceeding, is inexcusable and necessarily corrosive of local democracy.”

Jesus Sosa, President of the Latinos Unidos de Flushing said,

“I oppose a casino at Willets Point for moral reasons. It is immoral to take the livelihood of low and middle income people in addition to their taxes to bail out a State, which hasn’t done the economic planning it should have done.”

Andrew Rocco, President of College Point Civic Association, one of the group’s leading members, added,

“Rather than creating and investing in a gambling industry, I want our governmental leaders to invest in the things we already have: world class cultural institutions, affordable housing, and our scenic waterfront.”

Maria Morel, Chairwoman of A Better Living Resource Coalition, said

“We are encouraging everyone to call or e-mail Speaker Silver telling him that we do not want this casino in our community.”

 Edwin Salas President of Statewide Association of Minority Businesses agrees.

“Speaker Sheldon Silver does not speak for us,” states Salas. “Casinos located within urban communities have a net negative impact on the host community’s economy; i.e., more jobs are lost at existing businesses than the casino itself generates, because money formerly spent at those businesses is instead spent at the casino—and subsequently exiting the community.”

Anyone who wants to stop the casino is encouraged to stop by and sign our petition, which will be circulated throughout the surrounding communities and delivered to the Governor and Legislature sometime in June.


Which of these leaders has actively opposed the MLS stadium proposal on public parkland?

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Jan 29 2013

Failures of Mainstream Journalism Borderline Cronyism

From Truenews:

Untitled-15 copy

Spitting in the Face of Thomas Jefferson Today’s Journalist Do Not Feel It is There Job to Informthe Public. . .  And They Do Not Care What You Think

As True News reported yesterday New Yorkers have no clue what the 2013 candidates for mayor will do if they are elected.  Today’s journalist spend more time spreading candidates and consultants spin instead of doing research to find out who these candidates are.  We have a public that knows nothing more about the candidates then the consultants want them to know and many in the press feel they are doing their job.   Many play ball with insiders, looking for high paying jobs from consultants like George Arzt or in government. Reporter Adam Lisberg last year got a high paying job with the  MTA.  Other journalist play ball because they need the tips and explanations of insiders because they are clueless about the subject they are covering.


The lessons of John Peter Zenger and generations of reporters who saw themselves as Jeffersonian truth seekers are lost.  Today’s journalist like their pols they cover lack the embarrassed gene.  They dismiss any person blame for dumb down thepublic. It is ironic that in an era where the internet and bloggers put information at the finger tips of today’s main stream journalist they have stop doing investigative reportering.  These same insiders journalist go out of their way to ignor and black list bloggers who write the real stories.  For 13 years blogger Rafael Martínez Alequín exposed the corruption of Padro Espadahe was even beaten by Espada thugs for information he was exposing about them.  The take over of Albany and the millions that the senator rip off from the government would not have happen if the media did not blacklist what Alequin exposed. More on the Failure of Journalism


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Jan 29 2013

Councilman Halloran and Mayoral Candidate Joe Lhota Swear in Club Officers

Board officers of the Northeast Queens Republican Club were sworn in this week by Mayoral hopeful Joe Lhota and City Councilman Dan Halloran.

“This is a very important election year, especially because it’s the mayor who sets forth policy,” said Halloran. “We’ll only get real change if our new mayor brings it. We need the new generation of young Republicans to stay involved.”

Although Dan Halloran has not yet made an official endorsement of any of the GOP Mayoral candidates, he offered praise to Joe Lhota for his leadership of the MTA.



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Jan 29 2013

‘Tony Avella Supports Anti-Asian Racist’ [letter to editor]


Anti-Asian Racists?

Old wounds never quite heal.

Below is a letter to the editor from a Korean-American activist which describes a long-standing sense of outrage and disapproval inside Asian-American communities and political circles regarding Tony Avella’s advocacy of anti-asian racist Sonny Carson.

[Email] While in the New York City Council, Tony Avella strongly supported renaming a street after racist Sonny Carson.

In 1990, Sonny Carson organized a boycott of Korean owned businesses in Flatbush Brooklyn. Sonny Carson proclaimed himself ”anti-white and anti-Asian.”

The anti Asian boycott, tried to shut down Korean and Chinese stores not only in Flatbush but also in Harlem, Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn and Jamaica, Queens.

Sonny Carson also stated on various occasions that in the future “there’ll be funerals, not boycotts.”

It is inexcusable that Tony Avella wanted to rename a street after Robert (Sonny) Carson, the convicted kidnapper and racial antagonist who lead the boycott against Asian American store owners. Sonny Carson and his supporters shouted threats and spit at Korean Americans. Sonny Carson handed out flyers telling people to ”boycott all Korean stores” and avoid shopping ”with people who do not look like us.”

Tony Avella supported anti-Asian racist Sonny Carson so Korean Americans should not support Tony Avella for Queens Borough President!

He is trying to fool us by pretending to care about Comfort Women.

– Dong Sun Park



And In Korean:

당신이 현 뉴욕주 상원의원 토니 아벨라 (Tony Avella) 에 대해 모르셨던 사실.

뉴욕시 시의원으로 활동하는 중, 현 뉴욕주 상원의원 토니 아벨라는 강력하게 인종 차별자인  써니 카슨  (Robert Sonny Carson) 의 이름을 딴 거리변경을 지원하게됩니다.

1990 년, 써니 카슨은  브루클린에 있는 Flatbush 지역에서 한국 인 이민자 들이 가지고 있는 상점에 대한 보이콧을 열렬히 펼쳤습니다.

이 소니 카슨이란 인물은 강한 반백인 성향과 반동양인 성향을 지닌 사람으로써 한국인 과 중국인들이 가지고 있는 상점에 대해 보이콧을 선포,

브루클린 Flatbush에뿐만 아니라 베드포드 스타이븐슨 (Bedford Stuyvesant) , 할렘, 브루클린과 자메이카 등 여러 지역에서  각종 방법을 동원해 한국어, 중국어 점포들을 폐업시키려고  노력한 사람입니다.  또한 써니 카슨은 각종 행사에 참여 , 이 한국인과 중국인 상점들에겐 앞으로는  “ 단순한 보이콧이 아니라, 장례식이 있을것” 이라며 위협하고 다녔습니다.

써니 카슨과 그의 지지자들은 한국인 이민자들에게 갖은 위협을 일삼으며 사람들에게 ‘한국 상점 보이콧’, ‘우리처럼 보이지 않는 사람들과 쇼핑을하지 마십시오.’ 라는 전단지를 나누어 주며 한국이민자들의 경제활동을 적극적으로 막았던 인물입니다.  토니 아벨라 주 상원의원은 이러한 한국인 상점에 대해 반인간적인 행동을 하고 유괴범 판정까지 받았던 써니 카슨이라는 인종차별자를 기리는 거리변경 법안을 거리낌없이 지지하였다는것에 전혀 변명의 여지가 없으며 이는 또 토니 아벨라 상원의원이 한국인을 대변할 인물이 않된다는 것을 입증하는 증거가됩니다 .

이제 이러한 사실을 당신이 아시는 한, 인종차별자를 적극 지지했던 이 토니 아벨라의원을 한국인이 많이 거주하는 퀸즈 지역의 퀸즈보로장으로 선출시키는 일은 없어야 할것입니다!

Sonny Carson


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Jan 29 2013

It’s All About The Benjamins


A just law squares with the moral law of the law of God. An unjust law . . . is out of harmony with the moral law.” MLK

The congregation at New Jerusalem Baptist Church should be outraged that Reverend Rice endorsed Christine Quinn.

Questions have been raised. Did the Reverend do his homework on Christine Quinn’s pro-choice agenda or was he too blinded by the benjamins?

With a steady stream of contributions from pro-choice groups in Quinn’s war chest, you would think Reverend Rice would have second thoughts about anointing her with an endorsement due to his spiritual obligation to the congregation where the people entrust him as a representative and magistrate of Christ’s teachings. In ancient Roman times this would have been like Diocletian, the Great Christian persecutor, endorsed by an underground Christian group.

By making Bill 371 a law that unfairly targets pregnancy centers part of her centerpiece during her tenure in City Council, Christine Quinn has established herself as one of the most aggressive anti-Christian anti-freedom of speech public officials in NYC.

When Quinn was busy pushing the bill down the throats of Councilmembers, Alveda King (MLK’s niece) came to NYC for the purpose of protesting Christine Quinn’s unfair targeting of Chris Slattery’s pregnancy center. Would Martin Luther King allow such an anti-Christian demagogue to stand at the altar and then endorse him?  No you say? Then why would Reverend Rice? Whether you want to believe it or not, after Quinn’s crusade against religious free speech and pro-life sidewalk counselors and pregnancy centers – love her or hate her – you can argue that she’s the Diocletian of our times.

Because we want to believe there is good in the world maybe the Reverend didn’t do his homework on Quinn (neither did the media, they missed the fact that Reverend Rice is a Bloomberg appointee for the Housing and Economic Development Task Force) maybe he should speak to his congregation and ask if Quinn is worthy of their endorsement or will he rest easy knowing the congregation will have blind faith in their pastor’s political pronouncements?

Questions remain like why did he turn his back on Bill Thompson, the only other African-American in the race? Although we can’t fault him because in politics you’re supposed to be color blind, letting the Daily News make a page 2 article of Quinn reading at the altar after only weeks ago when she held a press conference with abortion provider, entrepreneur and anti-life radical Merle Hoffman is an act of heresy which has brought shame on the Reverend and his ministry.

Although each of the candidates are in many ways more progressive than the congregants of the church, not one of them has the history of Christian persecution and the targeting of Pregnancy Centers that Christine Quinn has.


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Nily Rozic’s Inauguration [invitation]

Nily Rozic

Spreading some awareness this week.

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Jan 24 2013

Civics to Host Comptroller John Liu, Assembly members Nily Rozic & Ron Kim

Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 6.12.23 PM[Press Advisory]

WHO: John Liu, Nily Rozic, Ron Kim, QH Civic, and University Park Tenants Association.

WHAT: Q and A plus discussion of neighborhood issues. 

WHEN: WednesdayFebruary 6th, 7-9pm.

WHERE: New York Hospital Queens 56-15 Main Street, Flushing, NY 11355.


Dear friends and neighbors,

Happy New Year, one and all!

As you know, our civic seeks to provide you the opportunity to get to know our local and Citywide elected officials in a relaxed, close-to-home setting. And so, we start our year off tremendously with a rescheduled visit from our City’s Comptroller, Flushing’s own John C. Liu, who will discuss local issues here in his own Queens backyard, touch on salient points of his recent State of the City Address, and answer your questions. (Mr. Liu is also expected by many to be making a major announcement right around the date of our upcoming meeting.)

Furthermore, you’ll get to know two newly-elected local NYS Assemblymembers, both brand-new to the political arena. Come meet Assemblymembers Nily Rozic and Ron Kim. You’ll surely be impressed by their youthful energy and exuberance, and their eagerness to serve us to their best abilities. Join us as Nily and Ron begin new careers in elected public office.

Our meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 6th from 7 to 9PM at New York Hospital Queens’ Lang Auditorium; enter the Hospital’s main entrance at 56-45 Main Street. Thanks go to our meeting sponsors: New York Hospital Queens, TD Bank & Zhong Hua Supermarket.

If you haven’t already signed up for current membership in our civic, please return your application to the address printed at the bottom of this letter, or just mail us your name and address. The easiest method, of course, is to email us your info at, with “Membership” in the subject line. Once again there is no membership fee for the 2012-2013 year due to the generosity of Councilman Peter Koo. Existing members: Please renew now.

We’ll again be marching in Flushing’s Lunar New Year Parade. It’s enormous fun! And the short march around Downtown Flushing helps keep you warm. So please join us! For details, provide us your address and phone number; we’ll get back to you soon. The Parade will start on Union Street & 38th Avenue at 11AM on Saturday, February 16th. Bring the family!


Looking forward to seeing you soon,


Best regards,

Donald Capalbi, president                               John Henry Byas, president

Queensboro Hill Neighborhood Assn.           University Park Tenants Council

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Activist Calls Out Elects on MLS ‘Land Grab’ Proposals [video]

Alfredo Centola is an activist and conservationist.

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Jan 24 2013

Meet Joe Lhota in Queens

TollandPath$HikePortAuthority[Press Advisory]

Board officers from the Northeast Queens Republican Club will be sworn in by mayoral candidate Joe Lhota on Sunday.

Councilman Dan Halloran will also be attending to swear in board members.


When: Sunday, January 27, 2013 at 1:30 pm, swearing in at 2:00 pm.

Where: Clearview Golf Course Club House 202-12 Willets Point Blvd Bayside, NY  11360


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Jan 23 2013

Panakal to Lead Grodenchik’s Campaign


Young people doing big things.

ICMYI: Dominic Panakal will be leading Barry Grodenchik’s campaign for Borough President.

[Press Release] Grodenchik Announces hiring of Dominic Panakal as Campaign Manager

Barry Grodenchik, candidate for Queens Borough President, announced today that he has hired Dominic Panakal to serve as his campaign manager. After a strong first filing in January, the Former Deputy Borough President continues to build momentum in this campaign.

“Dominic is a seasoned and smart political mind. I am excited to have him on my team. He has demonstrated through his savvy and hard work that he will be an outstanding asset to our campaign” Barry said.

Mr. Panakal, a lifelong resident of Queens, has quickly become a valued and recognizable aide in the Queens political community. He served as Assemblyman Rory Lancman’s Chief of Staff and as Lancman’s Deputy Campaign Manager for his Congressional race. Mr. Panakal was also a campaign aide to Kevin Kim during his primary race for the City Council in 2009.

Dominic said “Barry is the right person for this moment. He has the experience, skills, and temperament to bring people together and work towards achieving what is truly best for Queens. I am excited for the opportunity to spread this unifying message to every part of this borough.

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Jan 20 2013

Pedigree of a tweeder


Queens Crap, Melinda’s Impressive Resume

From DNA Info,

In the Assembly, she served as chairwoman of the subcommittee on urban health and fought against the privatization of public hospitals, she said. She was also responsible for a bill increasing penalties for domestic abuse.

Later, she went to work for Shulman, the borough president at the time, as a director of community boards, attending meetings around the borough and keeping the president informed about communities’ concerns.

In 2002, she was elected to the New York City Council.

As chairwoman of the land-use committee, she negotiated various down zonings in Queens and supported new developments, including Willets Point and Hunters Point.

Her tenure on the City Council won her a recent endorsement from former Mayor Ed Koch.
Katz “is the one candidate in the race that raises the level of conversation about balancing economic development with the community in Queens,” Koch said in a statement.

After she lost the Democratic primary for New York City comptroller in 2009, Katz went to work for a law firm, Greenberg Traurig, specializing in land-use issues and government relations.

Deputy Borough President under Shulman, promoted overdevelopment and eminent domain for private interests while chair of land use for the City Council, endorsement from Koch, and most recently worked for a lobbying firm. I can’t think of anyone more qualified to be borough president. Can you?


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Status update

She had filed years ago to run in 2013, but bowed out. Pfeffer must continually file with the CFB, although the account has been terminated. Apparently I missed the asterisk. Apologies to all.

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Jan 18 2013

[Updated] Queens County Clerk Files To Run For Boro Prez


Pheffer to run for beep.

*** CFB Reports must be filed every year. She will not be running,****



Audrey Pheffer, a former Assemblywoman and presently the Queens County Clerk, will be running for Queens Borough President, according to her latest CFB report.

Pheffer has amassed $346,899, although her last contribution was reported in 2008.

In a tough and crowded primary, she will face off against Peter Vallone, Tony Avella, Leroy Comrie, Jose Peralta, Melinda Katz, and Barry Grodenchik.

In 2001, Pfeffer abandoned her campaign for Borough president to support Helen Marshall who was handpicked by former Democratic Party boss Tom Manton.

Pheffer resigned from her Assembly seat in 2011 to become the Queens County clerk after the post was left vacant by the death of Gloria D’Amico in 2010.

To date, she has not made a public statement declaring her intention although she has the second largest war chest behind Peter Vallone who leads the pack with over a million dollars.

For Reference:

  1. Peter Vallone: $1,016,948
  2. Audrey Pheffer: $346,899
  3. Melinda Katz: $280,844
  4. Jose Peralta: $134,680
  5. Leroy Comrie: $61,151
  6. Barry Grodenchick: $56,773
  7. Tony Avella: $6,857


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Jan 17 2013

New Blog Sheds Light On Political Expenditures

In keeping up with an age of increased transparency and citizen journalism, Jon Reznick has blown the lid off campaign finance expenditures with a brand new investigative blog called Follow The Money 2013.

Reznick, the Treasure of the New York State Young Democracts, said the inspiration came from observing that most critics concentrated on campaign donations, rather than campaign expenditures,”…most people look at donors, I’m interested in where these campaigns spend, and how their products are priced,” wrote Reznick.

But like most people shedding light on political issues, he faced some resistance. Reznick said he was contacted by the Campaign Finance Board alleging copyright infringement (they said he couldn’t use their logo) just a mere eight hours after the blog launched on Tumblr.

In response friends joked, “If only government responses were that quick.”

In the meantime the blog seems to be catching on quickly, and as the first round of campaign filings were made this month, surely he will receive a lion’s share of traffic in the immediate future.


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Jan 17 2013

Did Marshall Sanction Online Hit Jobs?

Screen shot 2013-01-17 at 3.57.12 PMWho knows what happens behind closed doors, but Helen Marshall sure does. For years there’s been an unwritten code in Borough Hall, protect the dear leader at all costs.

“They made us go online and post good stuff about her while we were on the clock,” said a staffer under the condition of anonymity. “We thought our jobs were on the line, so we did it.”

The revelation confirms years of suspicious activity on blog and newspaper commentary where city staffers can post multiple tirades while having their name concealed.

But some of the comments are not in the Beep’s defense; rather taking affirmative, often times hostile positions against her detractors.

What is unclear at this time is the role former Deputy Borough President Barry Grodenchik, now running to replace Marshall, may have played under the allegedly sanctioned hit jobs which often occur on city time (and at the taxpayers expense) giving an unfair home field advantage to Helen Marhsall’s number one guy.

More on this to follow.


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