Nov 28 2012

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Vallone Says Landmarks Should Not Be Politicized

City Property named after the living creates an ethical quandary.

Thanks to a bill by City Councilman Peter Vallone, the chance for anymore city property to be named after a living person could be a thing of the past.

Press Release: Vallone – who was the only elected official to vocally oppose the co-naming of the Queensboro Bridge after former Mayor Ed Koch and is opposed to altering the names of bridges and other landmarks in general – believes that the renaming of City property could be used to garner political support, earn favors, collect donations or appease a powerful elected official (Vallone noted that there are currently at least six properties renamed after former State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno in upstate New York).

“The Queensboro Bridge has already been taken from the people of Queens, so there is no telling what landmark could be next,” said Council Member Vallone. “At a minimum, renaming property after someone’s death helps to ensure the honor is bestowed for the right reasons.”

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