Nov 06 2012

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Eric Ulrich concedes to Addabbo?

Eric Ulrich Daily News PhotoIt’s only 2:30 PM and whispers are flying around town that Ulrich has thrown in the towel.

According to a source close to the Ulrich campaign, in light of extremely low turnout in neighborhoods devastated by Hurricane Sandy, the momentum of the campaign and any hope of winning have been completely sapped.

As originally reported on Queens-Politics, Ulrich’s base is missing in action, presumably coping with the damage and cleanup efforts after the storm.

The source described the one term City Councilman as “going fucking nuts right now” in response to the dire circumstances in south Queens.

Polls are open until 9pm and a last minute rush could make the difference.

We cannot confirm nor deny any of this at the moment. Please stay tuned.


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