Nov 28 2012

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NYC Environmental Chair Supports Cuomo on Hydrofracking Process

ICMYI: Councilman Jim Gennaro, one of the most outspoken opponents of hydrofracking – and the only geologist in the City Council – applauds Governor Cuomo’s initiative to regulate the hydrofracking industry.


FRESH MEADOWS, NY (November 26, 2012) – “As the first public official in New York State to speak out in June of 2008 about the potential adverse environmental and public health impacts drilling for natural gas by the use of high volume hydraulic fracturing, colloquially known as ‘hydrofracking,’ I am compelled to voice my strong support for Governor Cuomo’s leadership on this issue,” Chairman Gennaro said.

“As a geologist and Chairman of the Committee on Environmental Protection of the New York City Council, I have done my best in the many hearings I have held on this subject to keep abreast of the voluminous amount of emerging science regarding the potential impacts of hydrofracking.  That in itself has been a daunting undertaking, but is nothing compared to what the Governor and his environmental team are trying to do – to create a regulatory paradigm for hydrofracking that will be sufficiently protective of the State’s public health and our irreplaceable water, air and land resources.

Such an endeavor is difficult in the extreme within a milieu of emerging science, and I applaud Governor Cuomo for his diligent science-based approach in this matter.  The Governor has always made it clear in his many public statements on hydrofracking that he would be guided by science and safety, and that the advancement of hydrofrackingwould not come at the expense of our State’s irreplaceable natural resources.  He has lived up to his word and not succumbed to political pressure and artificial timetables.  I applaud him for that.

It should be noted that the Governor and his environmental and energy resources team are trying to do what has not been accomplished – or even attempted – in other states that have permitted hydrofracking:  to regulate hydrofracking such that the gas companies bear the full cost of production of their product, and not have their product “subsidized” by the degradation of the State’s water, air and land resources.  Such resources, of course, belong to the current and future generations of New Yorkers, and do not exist merely to increase the gas companies’ bottom line.

So I thank Governor Cuomo for being open to the economic, employment and energy benefits that would accrue from safely extracting natural gas from gas-bearing shale formations in New York State, but I am grateful that he has prioritized the health of New Yorkers and the long term protection of the State’s irreplaceable natural resources over a short term energy and economic boost from hydrofracking.”

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