Oct 01 2012

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Halloran Blasts Mayor For Endorsement of Opponent

In response to Grace Meng’s recent endorsement by Mayor Bloomberg, her opponent Dan Halloran sent out a press release calling the endorsement another one of Mayor Mike’s ill conceived ideas. Full context in the official communication below.

Press Release: Mayor Bloomberg Advocates Soda Ban, Congestion Pricing, and now Grace Meng for Congress

Nanny State Mayor’s Bad Ideas Just Keep Coming

Not surprisingly, the Mayor who bought himself a third term by disregarding the will of the People and overturning elected official term-limits, now moves to endorse Assemblywoman Meng for Congress.  It’s no wonder this Super Nanny-State advocate, who champions feel good measures with no shot of fixing real problems, has made this choice. Whether it’s the soda ban, his congestion pricing schemes, or the bike lanes to nowhere, Mayor Mike has found another bad idea for New Yorkers: Grace Meng in Congress.

“I have vocally fought the Mayor‘s social engineering pet projects and spending excesses.  I’ve called out the Mayor on the City Time scandal long before the others piled on, back when it was “just” a question of being ten-times over budget.  I fought to keep Queens free from the Mayor’s Congestion Pricing Plan, which would have cost local residents millions.  And despite the Mayor’s billions, I will continue to speak truth to power.   Meng, a go-along Democrat won’t stand up for New Yorkers’ right to think for themselves, has voted 99.7% with Shelly Silver in Albany. She certainly isn’t rocking the boat here in New York, and we can’t expect her to in Congress,” Halloran said.

In the past, Halloran has also warned the Mayor’s office of many unconstitutional city plans, such as the so-called Crisis Pregnancy Center Bill that Bloomberg signed into law and was struck down in Federal Court three days after he signed it, which curtailed the free-speech rights of Catholic institutions.  He spoke out against the City’s proposed taxi medallion sale, which Halloran pointed out violated the State Constitution and now jeopardizes the NYC Budget revenue projections with a $1.5 billion dollar shortfall.  Council Member Halloran also stood up for churches and other religious institutions when the Mayor sought to prevent them from renting off-hours space in publically owned buildings.

“Bloomberg’s latest suggestion for the City of New York, voting for Grace Meng, is just as detrimental to New Yorkers’ freedom and prosperity as the rest of the Mayor’s ill-conceived ideas.  This reminds Queens residents of why New York City is already faced with above average unemployment, high taxes and a huge cost of living along with ever-increasing tolls and subway fares.  Our small businesses are struggling more than ever with exorbitant fees and aggressive city ‘revenue’ programs. Our voters need Meng in Congress like they needed the soda ban,” said spokesman Kevin Ryan.

Dan Halloran will continue to fight for New York in the United States Congress, because he’s one of us.  We know we aren’t better off today than we were four years ago; we wish the Mayor and Grace Meng knew that, too.


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