Oct 29 2012

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Estrada Endorses Arcabascio for Senate

(l to r) Ruben Estrada, Tony Arcabascio

Latino National Republican Coalition of Orange County, chaired by Ruben Estrada, announced their endorsement of Tony Arcabascio over Senator Michael Gianaris for New York’s 12th Senate District.

Press Release: Aurelio “Tony” Arcabascio, the Republican candidate running for New York Senate in the 12th Senate District, has accepted the endorsement of the Latino National Republican Coalition of New York State.

The LNRC NY supports the agendas of Republican candidates who share in their beliefs of traditional Conservative American values and stands for Job Creation and fiscal responsibility throughout New York State.

Tony’s stance on key issues such as job creation (bringing jobs back to the New York State), access to affordable and quality health care for all, improving the quality of education for students, and holding state officials accountable for how they spend taxpayers’ money is aligned with the Coalition’s point of views.

Chairman Ruben Estrada said “The LNRC NY is certain that Aurelio (Tony) Arcabasio is ready to go to Albany and get things done for his constituents in the 12th Senate District.  I am more, then certain, that Mr. Arcabasio has the ability to handle the diversity of the 12th Senate District”

“I gladly accept the endorsement of the Latino National Republican Coalition,” Tony said. “New York is known as a great city that proudly celebrates all cultures. As the son of Italian immigrants, I believe the 12th District is a beautiful representation of diversity at its best and with a strong Hispanic Population in our community, I feel I am ready to represent every resident in the 12th Senate District. 

It is refreshing to have the support of an organization that believes in a government of the people, by the people and for the people. If I am elected to the New York Senate, I will be there to represent everyone in my district.” ~Tony Arcabasio


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