Oct 23 2012

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Ulrich ignores a constituent’s plea for help

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A distressed reader sent us this.

Dear Queens-Politics,

I am a constituent of Eric Ulrich. During the short span of time that Mr. Ulrich has served as my city councilman, he has proven to be corrupt, dishonest, dishonorable, disloyal as he continues to betray the public oath of office that swore to uphold. Since September, 2010, Mr. Ulrich and his former henchman, Bart Haggerty, have told be to ‘cease and desist’ from calling their office, regarding a matter involving my New York City pension and job reinstatement with the New York City Transit Authority that was illegally and unlawfully sabotaged as a result of official city (and state MTA) misconduct. The evidence has been thoroughly documented and presented to The Queens Chronicle, where reporter Bryan Yurcan profiled my story that was published on Thursday, September 30, 2010.

Within days of Mr. Yurcan’s story about systemic failure regarding my pension and city job, I was invited to Ulrich’s office for his purported help, on Monday, October 4, 2010. Instead of meeting with Ulrich and Haggerty, I was greeted by an intensely incompetent, personal friend and crony of Ulrich name Arlene Brown. This unprofessional and unethical creature jerked me around for nearly a month, claiming that she needed to do research on my case, when in fact, all of the research that I presented to her that day in a chronology of firmly established evidentiary documents was already completed. What I needed from Ulrich’s friends and family facade of what passes for credible city government, was an honest, thorough and complete investigation by the City Council to probe the New York City Department of Investigations. The DOI launched its own investigation of corruption and coverup with the Transit Authority back in 1993, after I complained to them of additional coverup and dishonesty at the MTA Office of the Inspector General (State of New York), that ignored corruption that I presented to them, and contracted firmly established evidence by continuing to ascribe blame and punishment to me for obvious misconduct committed by Transit Authority management. These charges were proven when counsel for the Transit Authority appeared in Appellate Court – Second Department, on May 9, 1991, and admitted that I was not guilty of any misconduct that caused me to lose my job and pension, thereby reversing all previous allegations against me. I strenuously complained to the MTA for an honest, above board investigation in which I was completely dismissed and ignored by this recalcitrant bureaucracy. It consumed two years of my time and personal resources to stop them from telling false, retaliatory lies about my alleged misconduct regarding falsification of company records that TA counsel completely reversed themselves on—only AFTER I filed a petition to force them to tell the truth. As a result, I lost a lucrative city job and retirement pension worth more than one million dollars. I remain scarred for life over the Transit Authority’s (and MTA Inspector General’s Office) corrupt, dishonest and unfair labor practices.

Eric Ulrich is an arrogant, depraved, predatory coward who practices selective representation regarding his constituency. It is an unlawful dereliction of public duty to deny a constituent like me the free right to an investigation that is warranted, based on a totally credible body of evidence that has cleared my name of wrongdoing. I am entitled to job reinstatement, social security contributions and pension reinstatement because I told the truth that is totally supported by decades of credible evidence.

No matter how loudly I protest, and regardless of a body of evidence that is not negotiable, no one is listening. Is this a democracy, or Communist rule and dictatorship? When is the power going to be returned to the people? According to Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who sent me a letter in August, 2006, that states “…the city is committed to fair labor practices regarding hiring, termination and pensions…” but has repeatedly refused to help me to be made “whole” again. Mayor Bloomberg’s administration is even worse, where a staffmember named Jay Kairam boldy told me that their office was not going to help me (and he wasn’t the first—or last—to make that claim).

If you are listening, Phil Ragusa, I need your urgent help in reminding recalcitrant, immature, arrogant, bottom feeder amateurs like Eric Ulrich to “cease and desist” from creating a hostile environment toward deserving constituents like me who need help in restoring every last benefit that should have made me whole again (based on solid evidence), decades ago.

There is a crisis in honest, ethical leadership in New York State. I have done everything in my power to present an honest cause of action for restitution. The false, fake and failed leadership in Queens County, along with my union (CWA Local 1180), the Queens Chronicle (where I filed a police report harassment complaint on November 4, 2010, against Editor-in-Chief, Peter Mastrosimone), and Assemblyman Michael Miller (whose tone deaf head has been firmly planted in the sand for three solid years), have retreated into collective silence, as corruption, coverup and dishonest government flourishes.

If there is anyone reading this letter who can offer their urgent help for an honest investigation (like the one recently imposed upon Assemblyman (and employed sexual predator) Vito Lopez, I would be happy to present a chronology of solid evidence to support my languishing case. I am trapped into long term unemployment because of apathy, indifference and a corrupt city councilman like Eric Ulrich who cares about his cradle-to-grave political ambitions, instead of allegiance, civics, sacrifice and public servitude to ALL of his constituents.

Thank you for listening.



Ozone Park, New York 11417-2316

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