Sep 07 2012

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Ulrich makes defamatory comments to WWII Vet

Juan Reyes says Ulrich’s ‘sleazy’ comments about Bob Dole, a World War II hero and a former GOP Presidential Nominee, prove he is unfit for public service.

Veterans should be outraged and Republicans who respect elder statesman in the GOP party should be too.

Press Release: Eric Ulrich’s rude and mocking comments about Senator Bob Dole prove that 27-year old Ulrich is unfit for public office,” said his opponent, attorney Juan Reyes.

Dole endorsed Reyes for the Queens State Senate seat earlier this week.

Reyes added that, “This sleazy and sarcastic comment about one of America’s greatest heroes is beyond contempt.”

Dole, now 89, was badly wounded in Italy during World War II and permanently lost the use of his right arm. He went on to serve five terms in the United States Senate, was Senate Majority Leader, Chairman of the Republican National Committee in the 1970s, and was the Republican Presidential candidate in 1996.

“Eric Ulrich’s lack of maturity and class is not news,” said Reyes, “but to mock a man who gave so much in World War II to free Italy from Hitler and the Nazis is just about the lowest thing I have ever seen in a political campaign.”

Reyes added, “Ulrich’s lack of respect for one of the greatest members of “the Greatest Generation” is appalling.”

“Ulrich needs to apologize immediately to Senator Dole and to the voters of our district, especially those who have served in America’s military,” said Reyes, who worked for Dole in Washington in the 1990s.

Reyes added, “Eric Ulrich may think it’s funny to ridicule Senator Dole, but Republican voters will have the last laugh on Thursday, September 13.”

Reyes noted that this is not the first time that Ulrich’s rude comments have caused a storm. In a April 12, 2009 interview with New York magazine, Ulrich said “Republicans aren’t all religious fundamentalists from Alabama; some of us are just normal” — a remark that drew a storm of criticism from conservatives and religious Republicans alike.


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