Sep 06 2012

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Halloran Critical of Dems Israel Snafu

Halloran issued a press release describing his outrage with the Democratic Party and said Grace Meng would be a rubber stamp for the Party’s agenda.

Press Release: The Democratic National Committee removed any reference to Israel from its party platform – only to conveniently add pro-Israel language after the omission was pointed out by outraged citizens. Congressional candidate Dan Halloran (R-Whitestone) issued the following statement on the matter:

“The Meng-Obama Democratic Party couldn’t be louder in asserting its lack of support for Israel. They pointedly removed language condemning Hamas and refused to call Jerusalem the capital of Israel. What’s next? Recognizing Hamas as a legitimate government?


“The Democratic Party, like Grace Meng, only changed its tune after widespread outcry. Assemblywoman Meng tries to separate herself from her party on the issue of defending Israel. But she would be a rubber stamp for her party’s agenda in Washington, just as she has in Albany.”


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