Sep 04 2012

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Helen Where Art Thou?

Repost From QueensCrap, Source: NYP:

Life’s a beach if you’re Queens Borough President Helen Marshall, who spends more time in the Hamptons than the halls of government, sources told The Post.

Marshall, 82, has been AWOL since June, claim Borough Hall insiders. The three-term lame-duck Democrat is “just blowing it off,” observed a shocked source who said Marshall summers in Sag Harbor, where she keeps a tidy one-story home.

“She won’t be back to work until September 15th!” the source gasped. And insiders say her absenteeism has hurt Queens.

“She is supposed to be the ambassador of the borough,” said one political source. “All that she’s really done is some ribbon-cutting. It’s actually pathetic.”

Marshall rakes in $160,000 a year. She doesn’t receive a specified set of vacation days, according to the City Charter.

“Her reputation is she’s very MIA,” charged one Queens pol. “She’s a very low-maintenance borough president — that’s been her whole career, but now that she’s getting older and her term is coming to an end, that might be even more the case.”

When confronted with the claims, Marshall grew fiery, at first denying them and then claiming she’s been working from her East Elmhurst home.



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