May 04 2012

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Scala Challenges Opponents

Put your dukes up, Scala is ready to debate.

Mike Scala, a candidate for New York’s 5th Congressional District, has issued a challenge to all his opponents and it’s time for the civics and political clubs to walk the walk.

The 2012 election will mark the first time in fourteen years there will be a choice in the Democratic primary, according to Scala.

Scala said he has a vision for the future of the district and he’s yearning to put his ideas up for public scrutiny.

“We may all be Democrats, but we may also have very different plans for the future. For example, I believe funding for education should be restored, essential programs on which everyday people rely should be preserved, and we should be creating instead of cutting jobs. The voters deserve to know how the candidates differ.”

NY-5 now contains southeast Queens, including the entire Rockaway Peninsula, and parts of Nassau County.


Stay tuned to Queens-Politics.com for an official date and time.

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