May 29 2012

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Meng Promises to Carry on Ackerman’s Legacy in Congress

One question remains, will Grace don a boutonniere?

Surprise! Grace Meng received a huge boost in her campaign as incumbent Congressman Gary Ackerman announced his wish to see her succeeed in the race for the 6th CD.

Congressman Ackerman stated: “Much like myself, Grace was raised in Queens by a hard working, middle-class family. Her parents worked long hours to provide opportunities for their children that they themselves never had. It was this upbringing, and it’s embrace of the shared and common struggles of Queens middle-class families, that inspired Grace to lead a life of public service as a public interest lawyer and now as a member of the New York State Assembly.

“Grace is without question the most qualified candidate in this race. She has been a dynamic legislator in the Assembly and has focused on getting the hard work done, never forgetting her working, middle-class roots. I know Grace can be trusted to continue her exemplary record of public service in Washington as a continuation of my long service. It is with great pleasure that I announce my endorsement of Grace Meng in her bid to succeed me in Congress.”


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