May 15 2012

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An open message to Elizabeth Crowley: The Citizens Will Reject The Politics of Lies and Deception

Elizabeth Crowley wants you to believe that she was the one that secured the resources to design, develop, and implement the new schools within her Council District.

As a matter of fact Crowley mailed a piece of campaign literature all across Queens to curry favor with those deeply concerned about Education in her bid to become your Congresswoman from the 6thDistrict, however upon research and review and confirmation from her office spokesman, she’s taking credit for schools that were budgeted and started construction prior to her even being elected to the City Council.

Elizabeth Crowley fought for the resources to open four new public schools to relieve overcrowding in her City Council District,” according to her campaign mail.

Her spokesman, Eric Yun, indicated that the “Metropolitan High School site was funded by Elizabeth”, but a check of District Education sources and community leaders indicate that the development of this site goes back to 2001, during the days of Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Those in the community clearly recall Forest City Rattner was going to place a 35 multiplex movie theater. The community and its elected officials were adamantly opposed and the site was eventually turned over to the Department of Education for an 8 acre educational complex.

Who really fought for the funding?

District 24 Community Education Council president Nick Comaianni said it wasn’t Liz.

No, it wasn’t Liz, not at all – that goes back to Tom Ognibene and Councilman Dennis Gallagher– the actual school was funded during the term of Councilmembers Gallagher, Katz and during my times at the CEC. We obviously came up with a plan to locally zone the school, but we finalized it by the time it was built. I believe when it was finished—2 years ago, Crowley would have been the Councilperson but it wasn’t funded during her term, no way now how,” said Comaianni .

According to Comaianni,

“It [the funding] came from CEC24 that lobbied the Chancellor to get as much money to deal with the overcrowding. These schools go back to the capital budget in 2005, we had 3,600 seats and we lobbied for an extra 3,000 seats and we got it with the help of Councilman Gallagher.”

(Btw: Crowley’s spokesperson did not even realize that the Metropolitan Campus is NOT within her Council District it is actually in the 29th District occupied by Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz. To be fair we should mention that the leader in that high school fight was Councilwoman Melinda Katz.)

The second school Elizabeth is falsely asserting she delivered is the new Maspeth High School which hasn’t even opened its doors. This project first appeared in the 2005 Capital Plan four years before Elizabeth was sworn into office. Oddly this school was the subject of great debate and many in the community opposed the construction. Elizabeth told the Daily News that she would “oppose this development if the school were not locally zoned.”

Yun contacted us after his initial quotes to retract his statement. Yun said he had “misspoke” and that Crowley fought to keep local zoning and construction, which did in fact occur before her election into office. He said two of the four schools mentioned in Crowley’s literature were schools in Richmond Hill. Richmond Hill is outside the 6th Congressional District.

Yun initially indicated two additional schools were elementary schools, but couldn’t name them. Checking the district, the only three schools to be developed were PS113 and PS128 and PS49. Does Elizabeth really believe this to be true? Does she believe that she fought for those resources? How do you fight for something that’s already in the budget? All of the aforementioned schools were under construction well prior to her election!

Yun’s retraction was questionable. What are the four schools mentioned in Crowley’s campaign literature? Is it P.S 290 and P.S 273 in Richmond Hill which opened in September 2010? Is it possible that she entered the Council on January 7th 2009 and these schools were designed, constructed and occupied within a short few months?  No, the funding was in place prior to her election. Is it the Metropolitan High School? Is it Maspeth High School? Is it Public School 113, 128 or 49? The answer is it was none of them.

The voting citizens deserve honesty from their elected officials not misinformation distortions and half-truths. How could Miss Crowley have fought for these projects and delivered for her Council District when she was not even elected? The answer is clear: She Didn’t! But Liz hopes you will read her fancy slick piece of political pandering and believe all is true.

Sorry Liz, Queens Politics is designed to tell the truth by holding deceitful politicians like you accountable for what you tell us.

We have seen it all whether it is Al Gore saying he created the Internet….Or Bill Clinton saying he did not have sex with that woman…. or John Kerry overstating his military service…. Now it is Elizabeth Crowley unable to list her own accomplishments and achievements as she seeks to obtain higher office, she stakes claim to projects she had nothing to do with… Is this the type of leadership we want to lead us in Washington? I don’t think so and I don’t think the sophisticated voters of Queens will think so either. And Liz, stay in the Council for some more time until you can have some accomplishments of your own to write about.

Well Elizabeth, or Mr. Yun if any of this information is incorrect call me you have the number.

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