May 25 2012

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How To Take Out Incumbents…Encourage More Candidates

Democracy at its best.

The by-product of Gary Ackerman’s decision not to seek reelection not only creates viable choice and opportunity in the congressional race, but it opens up an opportunity for political empowerment for numerous candidates in both the 40th and 25th A.D.

Everyone in politics realizes how difficult it is to unseat an incumbent. Everyone in politics understands how difficult it is to be victorious in any race for public office, but there is one caveat.

When you have an extremely competitive race with 5 or 6 candidates, anyone can win.

The formula for victory includes: name recognition, a message, a base, and cash to saturate the airwaves with your campaign message and, of course, a pull operation for your voters on Election Day.

 If you’re running in a district where everyone is fighting, going head to head with an incumbent is nearly impossible. Therefore the best strategy is to encourage as many candidates to run as possible so that you only need a thousand votes to pull off a win.

Expect to see additional Asian candidates deciding to seek public office in these competitive districts.


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