Apr 12 2012

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Congressional Race Morphs Into ‘Kool-Aid Party’

We received this photo of a Designating Petition via email from a reader that claimed the picture was taken in Forest Hills.

“Odds are he won’t live to see tomorrow… They’ve given you a number and taken away your name… Secret Agent Man!”

Stop the presses. A new candidate is collecting petitions for CD6. His name is Robert Mittman of Bayside.

Queen-Politics wants to know, who is Robert Mittman and who put this guy in the race?

Eyebrows are being raised. Was it Rory Lancman? Maybe Andrew Cuomo ascended from Albany and propped him up. Or maybe it’s so important that behind the scenes Barack Obama himself wants this guy in the mix. Come on, Obama, really? Nah, maybe it was Mitt Romney, wait a minute it’s definitely Dan Halloran.

And what about Austin Shafran? We hear his name all the time, but this guy couldn’t get elected dog catcher let alone prop up a Congressional candidate. Maybe Mittman is really Matthew Silverstein with a mask? Or could Robert Mittman be another one of Joe Crowley’s cousins, you know, except on his mother’s side? Brian Meara’s other nephew? Another one of Mike Gianaris’s chiefs of staff? Could it be Gary Ackerman’s Doctor who heard him complain all the time?

Perhaps he’s really Joe Concannon with thirty years of yelling at TV sets that finally got up and decided to change the world? The second member of Al Centola’s civic group?  Did he ever say hello to Dee Richard at a function? Or shaken down for advertising by Vicky Schneps? Maybe “Mittman”, it’s written wrong on the petition, it’s supposed to say John Scandalios.  Maybe it’s a Young Dem that’s younger than Costa. Maybe Tom Doherty sent him an email from his Mercury account. Wait, does he live in Bayside or in Rockland county?  Maybe he’s not a person, he’s one of the horses Tony Avella saved.   

Or perhaps it was Mike Nussbaum; he’s got nothing better to do.

Mittman did not respond to requests for comment, he’s not on Facebook, and if he is Dr. Mittman of Bayside, his secretary sounded very surprised to hear about it.


Any resident of the Congressional District can collect and file petitions to run in their respective party. As of April 12th, the Board of Election does not have a list of candidates that are petitioning (except for Grace Meng, according to a BOE spokesman).

All kidding aside, the deadline for filing is April 16th, so by then we will know who to take serious.

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