Apr 30 2012

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Lancman Bullies Mittman into Court; uses same machine tactics he detests


Hey, if your phone rings it might be Rory saying you can't run.

Rory Lancman believes he should be the only Jewish candidate in the race and is taking Robert Mittman to court to prove his point.

A source close to the Mittman campaign revealed that Mittman has been threatened numerous times and pressured with harassment by a high-powered political consultant and media strategist to drop out of the race.

Mittman did not relent to these wanton demands and now faces a challenge in court by Lancman’s election attorney, Jerry Goldfeder.

Our source confirms that it is indeed a ruthless intimidation tactic set in motion by none other than Rory Lancman himself who is looking for a round 2 after drudging up dirt on Gottlieb, the other jewish candidate, which shamed him out of the race.

David G Feuerherd of Rego Park, Barbara Rodriguez and Jeffrey Wang, both of Flushing, have all filed as objectors to the 2,800 signatures Mittman filed to get on the ballot.

Specs and a general objection have been filed.

It seems a little ironic when a candidate for Congress begins his campaign by denigrating a man like Gottlieb – whom Rory accused of being a plant by the Democrats – than pulls more nefarious political stunts then they likely deserve. Looks like Mittman is next on Rory’s chopping block.

Dr. Mittman is a lifelong public servant. He has no IOU’s and he is not beholden to any party loyalists and we’re sure he doesn’t think he should be ordained into the seat, so why should Rory Lancman believe he should be the only Jewish candidate in the race?

Let the voter decide. Is it any wonder why people are so fed-up with Albany insiders? It’s all clear in this race: intimidation, counter-intimidation, allegations of fraud, criminal misdeeds, back room deals, anti-Asian sentiment, the list goes on.

Instead of a discussion on the economy, healthcare, or how special interests has a strong hold on elected officials, we have  a ruthless and venial politician who believes his own interests are the only self motivator.

In America, the foundation of success is choice and freedom. At Queens-Politics we believe that the people have a right to evaluate the candidates on who best serves the community.

Yet, there is no honor found in Queens politics. Somewhere along the lines the pols become perverted. Look at Karl Kruger, Pedro Espada, Seabrook, Martinez, McLoughlin, and now Lancman, just to name a few.

You would think Rory would recognize this race is not about him, it’s about fair representation and a right to run to help the good people of the 6th Congressional District.

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