Apr 23 2012

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Halloran Sparks Fire Marshals Endorsement

City Councilman Dan Halloran received the nod from the Fire Marshals Benevolent Association for his bid for the 6th Congressional seat left vacant by Gary Ackerman.

PRESS RELEASE: The Fire Marshals Benevolent Association endorsed Council Member Dan Halloran’s campaign for Congress today at Engine 306 in Bayside.

Halloran, who has two brothers currently serving as FDNY firefighters, led the effort to save Engine 306 last year after the City threatened to close it in budgeting.  The Council Member hosted a rally last spring at the engine company with over 400 people, which attracted citywide news coverage and numerous elected and community leaders.

“Dan has worked tirelessly for his constituents as their City Council Member,” said Bill Kregler, the union’s president. “We need Dan’s commitment to working class families in combating a runaway dysfunctional Washington administration. Dan will steer this Titanic administration from disaster and put our country back on the right course.”

“As a working class kid from Queens, I appreciate all that our uniformed servants do to protect us.  Our City’s fire marshals are on the front lines in keeping our families safe.  They risk life and limb so that we may sleep well at night,” said Halloran. “In Congress, I will fight to make sure they have the resources they need to continue their heroism so that they may stay safe while they protect us.  I am proud to accept their endorsement.”

While in the Council, Halloran has introduced two bills supported by the Fire Marshals’ union. Intro 719 would require the FDNY to submit an annual arson investigation report to the Council. This would allow the Council to track arson investigations and ensure that resources are being properly allocated to arson investigations. Intro 620 would allow the City a cause of action against convicted arsonists to recoup the cost of fighting the fire and conducting the investigation.

“Improving public safety has been one of the pillars of my service on the Council” said Halloran. “I am honored to stand along side these men and women who share that same value. I wish to express my thanks to Bill Kregler and to everyone who puts on a uniform and goes to work everyday in order to protect the people of New York City.”

New York City Fire Marshals are both firefighters and law enforcement officers charged with preventing, investigating, and prosecuting arsons. The Fire Marshal Benevolent Association, which is comprised of over 500 active and retired New York City Fire Marshals, first supported Halloran in 2009 when he was running for the City Council.

The Council Member comes from a family of service and sacrifice.  He lost a cousin, FDNY Lt. Vincent Halloran, in the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.

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