Apr 09 2012

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Hey Folks, Why Not Jeff?


Jeff Gottlieb giving a tour of historic Forest Hills.

In the past few weeks conspiracy theories spread through political circles like wildfire as latecomer Jeff Gottlieb finally confirmed to toss in his hat for the chance to become the Democratic candidate in a four-way primary for CD6.

Did County prop up this candidate? It’s plausible, but not likely (but perhaps County gave the go-ahead?) Gottlieb spent thirty years in Democratic leadership. He’s an educator, a historian, a preservationist, he’s active in the community, especially in the Jewish community, and he lives in the district. We all know him and we’ve seen him on Queens Boulevard.

Gottlieb was also a delegate to the convention and is known as a masterful petition collector, just ask Grace Meng.

So we are asking, why not Jeff? At a time when voter turnout is pitiful, we should probably encourage everyone to run. But intense media scrutiny is not unwarranted. Every candidate seeking public office should be vetted to the umpteenth degree, especially a Johnny Come Lately.

Should we really care that Jeff has a patronage gig at the Board of Elections and question his motive? Does it mean he’s a paper candidate to siphon the Jewish vote from Lancman? Or maybe he found a path to victory in the past few weeks.

Jeff doesn’t have the money of Grace Meng or Rory Lancman or the name recognition of Liz Crowley, but what he does have is grassroots support and while he’s been unavailable for interview, we heard he was out in the neighborhood knocking on doors…


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