Mar 31 2012

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Once Upon a Time In the Neighborhood

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_srMZ9CMGQJI/TNaZBZl2BaI/AAAAAAAAB5I/ySMgsAv-kaQ/s1600/Wine+Dinner+Table.jpgRumor has it there was a meeting held in the basement of a house in Whitestone. The following is a detailed account of the alleged proceedings.

Republicans, Democrats, politicos, former military, law enforcement, union members, and a rabbi all sat a table. On the menu, red wine, sausage and peppers with cannoli for dessert.

The tang of the room was a mixture of cigar smoke and espresso beans. The purpose of the meeting was how to run Evan, a notorious political thug out of Queens. A bespectacled 84-year-old gentleman sat at the corner and grumbled, “It’s bad enough they ruined Rockland County and Astoria — we have to get them out of north Queens.” Another gentleman piped up, “ Who the fuck is Evan? Who does this guy think he is? “

One of the members pointed out, “You tell Jerry I’ve known his father forty years. If he thinks he’s working with them, he’s finished!  He’ll never hold his head that high up again in Queens or the mother land!

A deep voice echoed across the table. “It will begin in Whitestone and then it will spread to Astoria and then to Rockland County!”

“Dan, he’ll be fine on the Hill–the heir apparent of our friend Frank — fugghedabout it!”

“Hey oh, stick to the discussion we ain’t talkin’ about Dan here, we’re talkin’ about Evan’s monopoly on the process.”

“Mike, tell the union guys it’s time to hold a strike in Mitchell Linden, all our men are on furlough after their firm killed the Commons project.”

A quick retort came from a short man wearing a dark linen suit and silk tie. “Don’t be a wise guy,” he says. “Let’s be serious, we’re here to support our community through service. It’s bad enough they think we’re thugs — we have to set the example and help each other when they ignore us.”

Another guy who didn’t seem to understand the resentment of Evan and Toby at the neighborhood meeting said, “You know, ya gotta admire them they got some racket ova there at Mitchell Linden.”

“Scondo, calm down they are politicians,” said a member. “Oh! what they’re doin’ to this community, democracy is out the window,” said another man.

“Evan? I knew he was a bum fifteen years ago when I saw him up that rat’s ass, Brian, who stole from the kid’s baseball team.”

“Come on guy, they RUINED your community for four decades? I never even saw that lady, what’s her name? Toby?!” Said a businessman from Flushing.

One of the leaders hollered above the rest, “What are we the Young Dems? They’re gonna push us around!?”

Another gentleman said, “even if it means going with Tony, we gotta do what we gotta do.”

Anyone who’s an enemy of Evan is a friend of ours. The gentlemen nodded their heads.

:::end discussion:::

April fools.

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